Facebook is the biggest and most popular social media app, with over 2.89 billion monthly users worldwide. It’s popular in all countries and among all age groups, with people not only opening the app once but several times a day. That is no ordinary achievement.

However, Facebook has rightly earned its position as the leading social media app. In addition to the benefit of staying connected with your loved ones worldwide, Facebook is a powerful weapon for businesses to use in their marketing strategies vigorously. Here’s why.

Targeting Mechanism

Through Facebook you can automatically optimize your audience using sophisticated targeting mechanism based on several determinants including location, age groups, preferences, behavior, engagement, etc.

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User Preferences

To further expand on this, Facebook keeps a record of what you like and dislike based on your watch history, location, friends, etc., and then shows you ads accordingly to trigger impulse buying.

For example, if an eCommerce store sells records of a particular band, and you have liked several fan pages of that band, then Facebook will show you ads of those records multiple times.

Similarly, if there is an eCommerce page that you’ve visited many times but never purchased anything, it will make sure to show you the same products that you spent time looking at again and again to motivate you to buy it.

Carousel Ads

Another useful tactic that Facebook uses is carousel ads with a call-to-action option. Carousel ads allow you to ad up to ten images in one ad. By strategically placing similar or complimenting products together, it can trigger sales for the company.

Video Ads

Short but meaningful video ads allows for more creativity and have the power to grasp the audience’s attention in a way that picture ads don’t. With the added sound and video, the audience becomes more intrigued.

If you’re a fast-food chain, posting a behind-the-scenes video of how you prepare a meal for your customers in an organized and hygienic way can show people how safe the food is and drive more customers towards your business.

Poll Ads

Facebook allows for some healthy discussion and interaction by using poll ads. Companies can use this as an opportunity to ask their audience how onboard they are with a new idea or product by creating a poll.

Post During Busy Hours

Facebook also keeps a track of the hours where there is the highest amount of traffic. This helps companies to post their ads or offers at a time when it will not be missed by its audience.

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