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Introduction To Structured Data

What Is Structured Data?

Today I am going to cover an introduction to structured data and why it is essential for your website. Most people are familiar with using search engines to find results based on their search. However, what people may not be as familiar with is why your search results look the way they do.  Before we dive in, I want to start with an introduction to structured data that may seem more familiar. Take a look at the image below. You may notice a variety of differences within each result that comes up for the “casserole recipe.”  This structure is because of structured data written on the backend of the website.

Google structured data in recipes

At the top of the search results are card-like structures.  Instead of a standard link, you get the recipe name, author, review ranking, and even some ingredients.  All of this is thanks to the structured data. Google uses data from a website’s “site map” to show more detailed results.  When you add a specific piece of code to your website that is structured data, it allows Google to augment your listing. When standing out from the competition is vital, this will give you an advantage. All of this together is why structured data is becoming such an essential holistic search engine optimization practice.

Where Does Structured Data Come From?

Structured data is what tells Google and other search engines what is important and what it should be displaying.  The project is primarily based on a web project called Schema.org. This website is a database for a markup language used to communicate with the search engines.  The communication happens by using a method of encoding data called JSON-LD. There are other ways available, but for this article, we will be focusing on Schema.org and JSON-LD.

Schema.org website information

Now you know that structured data is composed of JSON-LD markup.  The markup taken from Schema.org can now convert to structured data. Within the website, there are a variety of sections that highlights the type of data that can be composed.  Some great examples would be recipes, business hours, or author name. Not all posts or page types can break down into structured data for all search engines.  This is why it is essential to also take a look at the Google-approved markup. By doing this, you will ensure that the largest search engine can correctly index your website.  Indexing a website is when Google sends out their bots, which go from website to website capturing data. These bots are often called crawlers and are critical factors in how your website ranks in search results.

Website Integration


But now lies the question, what do we do, and how do we integrate it within our website?

Most people are not going to want to learn the code and backend of JSON-LD.  Luckily, there are a wide variety of other ways that you can implement your Schema markup.  The most common is going to be through utilizing a plugin. Currently, there are a wide variety of broad SEO plugins on the market.  These plugins are going to be the most comfortable option for most users. This will allow you to fill out data about your website and posts from a smooth user interface.  Some great examples of plugins to use would be the Moz or Yoast plugins. These companies offer both free and paid options that vary on the amount of support and opportunities given. This research is a significant first step in creating an optimized website while still being introduced to structured data.

A great alternative for people who may want to dive a bit deeper into their website would be to utilize Google Structured Data Testing Tool. Before we do that, I want to show you what the JSON-LD code for structured data will look like.  Don’t be overwhelmed by the code. If you focus on the few key points that I highlight, you will be able to use templates on most of your pages.  The first picture represents the JSON-LD code put in while the second represents that outcome.

JSON-LD Code from Kallen Media
JSON-LD information it tells to search engines

Google Tools

After looking at the picture you should be able to see that there is a connection between the left and right sides.  This means that you will check Schema.org for the parts of markup required. For the example above, I used an article from Kallen Media.  The “@context” and “@type” will always start on the JSON-LD code side.  Below that is where you begin to describe to search engines what your page is composed of.  The reason we do this is that it is harder for computers to understand the meaning and context compared to humans.  By assigning values to names and specific aspects, it tells the search engines what it should be showing searchers. These values can change based on what type of post or page you are making your structured data markup.

Using Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool is one of my top recommendations when first getting acquainted with JSON-LD and Schema.org.  This is because it will tell you the errors that will occur for Google. This is important since Google is the top search engine and you want your website showing up!

Once you have created the markup that you want to add to your site, there are a few options for how to install it.  The easiest and most effective way is going to be using Google Tag Manager.  This interface allows you only to have to add a few pieces of Global site code to your website, instead of every bit of structured data you have done.  If you do not feel comfortable doing this, we offer search engine optimization services that include structure data creation for your website.

Google Tag Manager homepage

Finalize Your Data

Google Tag Manager will allow you to enter in the JSON-LD added to your database.  This then will allow all search engines to read the structured data snippets that you have.  However, you will need to slightly change your code for Google to accept it. The easiest way to do this is to paste the code into Yoast’s Script Helper.

Once you have done this, you can test your tags from within Google to make sure they are activated.  Once complete, your structured data should be ready to go for your website. This will mean that search engines will be able to read your content more accessible.  That means that your website should start standing out from competitors who invested in structured data. We are eager to see how structured data impacts businesses we work with.  If you have your website showing up using structured data snippets, let us know in the comments! Finally, if you need assistance setting-up SEO practices for your website, please reach out to [email protected] for more information on getting introduced to structured data.

Why You Should Use WordPress For Your Website

There’s many good reasons to choose WordPress.  First, WordPress powers approximately 33% of all websites which are currently active on the Internet. When you think about it, that is a staggering statistic. The single system is so popular and so prevalent online, that one-third of all sites are powered by it.

It’s not just a blogging platform, although that is what many people use it. It’s also a very powerful website builder and is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) on the market today. A primary factor for the popularity of WordPress is that it’s so flexible and easy to use. Although, web designers use different software to build a website however, WordPress stands on top. Some of the biggest corporations in the world have their websites powered by WordPress, which is one reason why you should too. If you’re looking for some other reasons to choose a CMS, consider these reasons to choose WordPress.

Easy to customize

The vast majority of people who use WordPress start with no real web design or programming skills. Simplicity is the ideal solution for people who were not tech-savvy and don’t have any specialized knowledge of web design or development. There are thousands of free website templates ready to start online. However, to have a fully optimized website, there are a variety of guidelines to follow.

No matter what kind of business you’re in, there are formats and templates available to get started right away! There are probably WordPress templates that you can use as your base template. One of the things that makes WordPress so easy to customize is the template’s customization options. These allow you to change the background, colors, upload your logo, and make changes to fit your needs. Kallen Media LLC, leading Tempe web design service, is happy to take the worry out by offering fully integrated WordPress services.

It’s also straightforward to add or change functionality on your website through plug-ins. Combining these plug-ins allows for intricate website design without spending hours coding.

Easy to manage

WordPress comes fully equipped with its update management system, and that allows you to do any updating you need of plug-ins or themes, right from your administrator dashboard. Whenever a new version is available, your account becomes notified about it, and you can apply the update by simply clicking on a button. Be sure to do a bit of research before. Updating your website before checking could lead to breaking your back end, rendering your site useless.

WordPress Security

You can enhance your security by adding a WordPress backup plug-in. The plug-in automatically creates backups for you, safeguarding your data in a remote location. It’s even possible to manage your WordPress away from home or while you’re on the go.

SEO friendly

All WordPress software created through the use of high-quality computer code. This means Google and most of the other popular search engines favor WordPress. This is one of the big reasons why most WordPress websites tend to rank higher than others. Additionally, this is one of the most persuasive arguments for using WordPress if you’re trying to draw traffic to your site.

Right out of the box, WordPress is exceptionally SEO-friendly. Still, you can also make use of several plug-ins that will optimize your site even further if you want to improve your website ranking, making use of some of these as SEO plug-ins will do the trick.  This is another one of the reasons to choose WordPress.


Although WordPress has gotten recognition as a terrific platform for bloggers, it is far from a text-only kind of software. It has its own built-in media uploader so that it’s very easy to manage all your audio and video files, as well as any images you want to transfer to your website. You can also embed all kinds of photos and videos just by pasting the URL in the post editor.

Site owners have used WordPress to build everything from the most straightforward website to a complex e-commerce marketplace. There are as many different types of WordPress websites as there are businesses. You can make your business website, you can start up an online store, you can sell online courses, and you can even establish your membership website. People have been very creative in their usage of WordPress to build websites, and you’d probably be amazed at some of the innovative ideas incorporated into today’s modern websites.

Making common mistakes while designing a business website is a fact, however, as compared to other CMS programs, WordPress is flexible enough to allow you to quickly restore and make fixes on your website immediately.

WordPress is free!

WordPress software is free, which means you can download it, install it, and use it any way you want. You can also use it to create any WordPress website design you can think up. All you need to get online is a domain name and a web host, so the website is online. The domain name is your website address on the Internet, while the web host will provide actual server space.

Undoubtedly, the fact that WordPress is free has contributed to its tremendous popularity. That’s yet another reason why developers all around the world have created a plethora of plug-ins WordPress compatible. Any specific function that you could dream up developers has probably created. Once developed, it can be made into a plug-in which anyone can make use of. All things considered, it’s not at all surprising that one-third of all Internet websites today are powered by WordPress.

Speed Up Your WordPress Website

If you are like many business owners, you probably decided to go the route of creating a WordPress website.  This reasoning is due to the immense amount of plugins and creative freedom provided by the platform. While it is easy to throw together a website and forget about it, that won’t generate you much traffic.  Today we are here to go over how to keep your WordPress website fast and up to date.

1. Choose a dedicated hosting plan

Believe it or not, the first step to having a speedy website is determined by your hosting provider.  It can be easy to go down the path of choosing the cheapest provider, but this also comes with its downsides.  Many of the most affordable hosting plans from large companies like GoDaddy and HostGator.  While the affordable prices seem appealing, they arrive at the cost of service.  These providers offer shared hosting.

Shared hosting means that the server that your website is on is shared. This website becomes paired with hundreds, if not thousands, of other websites.  Naturally, this leads to slower speeds from the get-go. Our recommendation is to look for a dedicated server to host your website.  These plans can cost a bit more money, but if you are planning on growing your business digitally, it is the way to go. Recommendations for possible platforms would be Kinsta and WP Engine.  Both offer excellent support with quality dedicated servers to maximize your website’s speed.

2. Update your PHP

PHP is another language of computer coding language that WordPress is built.  Like most current software, it needs to be updated. Currently, we are on PHP 7.3.  Before choosing providers or plans, you will want to make sure that your hosting company uses cPanel.  This is where you will go to find the PHP version tab. Here you will want to make sure that it is at 7.3.  If you are on an older version, it is smart to check your websites compatible with the new PHP version. By doing so, you can prevent your site from breaking with old or unusable code within the backend.

3. Update WordPress

Now you should be at the point that your back end is entirely up to date.  Keeping updated will allow you to start focusing on the front end of your WordPress website.  Once you have logged into your WordPress website by going to your domain and adding wp-admin at the end, you will be on the WordPress menu screen.

Here you will be prompted by options that will let you know if your version of WordPress is up to date or not.  The smartest thing to do is to update your version before starting any work. This update ensures that you will not run into the issue of breaking old plugins down the road.  Updating WordPress should only take a few minutes, and once it is done, the prompts will go away, telling you to upgrade.

4. Reliable Theme

Time to start adding in the building blocks of your website.  Your theme is going to be the core of how your website is structured.  There are tons of different WordPress themes to choose from. Our recommendation for a great free theme is going to be Ocean WP linked with the Elementor builder.  For our premium recommendation, it is going to be the Divi theme and builder from Elegant Themes.  Divi can be used on unlimited websites and is the perfect option to get started with your website.

Both of the recommendations come with fully integrated visual builders.  These allow the user to bypass coding and quickly build gorgeous websites at lightning speeds.  There are also a plethora of videos on Youtube and guides online to help you create the perfect site from the builders I described.

5. Plugin Optimization

Plugins are going to be your best friend if this is your first website, and you are not familiar with coding or back end logistics.  A crucial point is keeping the number of plugins you use limited, and the plugins you use quality. By following those rules, your website will be able to be faster than ever.

The following are our recommendations for quality free WordPress plugins that will both speed up and further optimize your WordPress website:

Autoptimize – Use this plugin to make your website faster through optimizing your JSS, CSS, HTML, and images.

Google Analytics – If you want to implement tracking onto your website, this is a must-have.  Integrating this is as easy as creating a Google Analytics account and then logging into your website, and adding in the tracking code, you will be provided.

Limit Login Attempts – Security should always be at the top of your mind.  A great way to provide that is through this plugin that does as its name says, prevents unlimited login attempts by potential intruders.

UPDraftPlus – Backing up your website should always be in mind.  This will save you from losing all your data and hard work in the case of any problems.  Our recommendation is to backup both locally and to a 3rd party application like Google for additional security.

Yoast SEO – SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  Yoast is a premier plugin in SEO. This plugin will allow you to see how your posts and pages rank on various levels.  I would highly recommend this for websites using blogs, as this gives you useful guidelines.


There is a plethora of other great plugins and premium plugins, but these should create an excellent foundation for your website.  By following this guide, you will ensure that your website gets off the ground as fast as possible. For more information about how to create a WordPress website, get in contact with us!  Kallen Media LLC is happy to teach and design WordPress websites for small businesses and individuals alike.

Kallen Media’s Web Approach

Kallen Media LLC is a company that founded itself on the success of its clients.  Our web approach is to create the best products and services to our clients. We specialize in working with small businesses who want to take their businesses and create a significant online presence.  Located in Phoenix, Arizona, Kallen Media is at the hub of one of the fastest-growing cities within the US. If you are thinking of doing any of the following services, get in contact with us for a consultation to see how we can take your ideas and make them a reality.

WordPress Web Design

WordPress logo in water

Creating a custom website can be both time consuming and costly.  We realize this, and we want small businesses to have still the ability to have the sites they envision.  This development is possible through the WordPress platform. At Kallen Media LLC, we use the Divi Theme and Builder to create websites.  This custom plugin and theme allow us to design a completely customizable website. Everything from a restaurant website to a technology rental website, we have you covered.

Our plans are also customizable to fit your specific needs.  If you don’t need a robust website, and only want a simple website with landing pages, that’s fine.  We won’t charge you exorbitant fees or waste your time. Our support team is available 24/7, and you will have access to the hosting information in case you wish to go into the back end of your web approach.

Even if you know what you’re doing with designing a website, sometimes it can be beneficial to bring a professional on board to go over your design.  We can take a look at SEO factors and keywords that contribute to how your website will rank on major search engines like Google and Bing

Social Media Management

social media logos on polaroid stock

A company’s online presence is your image in the modern-day.  The way that your clients and prospects to communicate with you is online.  Whether that is through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or one of the many other social media channels is going to be the most substantial variable.  Depending on what industry your company is in, that will play a significant factor in where the potential clients are most active.

Keeping up to date with competition and current trends is critical.  If potential customers are coming to social media pages that aren’t active, odds are they are going to leave the page for a different company.  The goal is to keep the client engaged, so they want to spend money on your product. An active social media presence will do just that.

We understand that many businesses feel too busy running their actual business to manage their digital presence.  That is why Kallen Media LLC is here to take over for you. We have experience working in a plethora of markets — our expertise in crafting detailed web approaches that will show results for your business.  We utilize a social media management tool that allows us to create monthly plans that are automated, so you no longer need to worry about posts. Our team is also here to run your social media and respond to any comments or requests you might receive while sending your team the information.

Content Creation

Constant content is the key to starting to rank highly on major search engines.  This strategy can be both time consuming and tedious task if you want to write high ranking articles.  Great articles require research into both keywords and other resources. Stuffing your blog full of internal and external backlinks, keywords, and quality content is the key to starting to have your site rank highly on search engines.

Our team takes a personal approach with each client.  We talk with our clients to find out exactly what type of content they are looking for.  Clients can have as much or as little control they would like over the content creation process.  If there is a specific vision in mind, let us know so we can follow it to a tee. Oppositely, if you know you want articles about a broad topic, we can do the rest and come back with some quality content.

Paid Digital Strategy (PPC)

Pay per click campaign in action

Executing proper pay per click (PPC) campaigns can be complicated and overwhelming for many business owners.  There are pages of rules and regulations, in addition to having to learn the ad serving systems for different outlets.  At Kallen Media LLC, we have experience working with companies large and small, creating fully customized PPC campaigns fit for all budgets.  We have managed both large and small budgets.

Our web approach is to do a wide variety of testing and smaller campaigns until we identify what method will be most successful.  Kallen Media LLC also uses a variety of keyword and SEO tools to ensure all strategies created are fully optimized. We have run campaigns for Google, Bing, and Facebook, to name a few.

Maybe you are working for a nonprofit.  That is the perfect fit for Kallen Media LLC!  We have worked with a plethora of nonprofits, helping them utilize the resources online that are available to them.  Our work includes applying to the Google Ad Grant program, which gives nonprofits up to $10,000 a month in free ad clicks.

Prospective clients within the Phoenix metropolitan area, please reach out to us so we can schedule an in-person meeting, and take you out, our treat!  For your next digital media project, get in touch with Kallen Media LLC for the highest quality service in the valley. Reach out to [email protected] or call (773)524-1483 for help creating your new web approach today!

Optimizing Websites In Phoenix, Arizona

website templates

 Phoenix is a rapidly booming city with companies starting up across the valley.  Everything from web design companies and marketing agencies, to pastry chefs and call centers.  One of the most significant factors in making a great first impression is having a stellar website. It is no longer enough to have static web pages that have not been updated for years.  These websites do not grab the attention of either potential clients or search engines like Google and Bing.

Your website is your image.  Positive or negative, that image represents your business and can either help or hurt your reputation.  Technology companies are rapidly expanding to Phoenix, AZ, and they understand the value of their digital presence.  Often smaller businesses might be unaware or believe that they do not have a large enough budget to compete.

This is where Kallen Media comes in! Kallen Media is proud to call Phoenix, Arizona, home.  Our specialty is working with small businesses on projects that would cost thousands if working with an agency.  We can service companies around the world but strive to take extra effort to help local businesses.  Working with companies in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, and Tempe gives us a range of knowledge of how different companies and industries work within our community. Also we are one of the leading Arizona SEO specialists.

Now it is time to consider how you want to update your website.  Choosing whether you want a large web design company or freelancer is imperative to creating your budget. Kallen Media offers you a free consultation to break down how much the project will be, as well as the differences in capabilities.  If you are on the fence about your website, here is a list of 6 factors you may want to consider:

1. Outdated Web Design

html code

Odds are if you have not interacted with your website much, your design is probably obsolete and clunky.  Since Phoenix has such a fast-growing technology scene, this can be detrimental to search results. You do not want new companies coming in and taking your business simply because you do not have an updated website.

A great way to check this out is to look at your competitors’ websites.  Take a few minutes to pull up 3-5 of your competition’s websites. What do you see?

If you feel like your site looks significantly different and outdated, then it is time for a change.  On the other hand, if you see the other sites are not looking great, this is a perfect opportunity to win clients. By giving your business a newly designed website, you are sure to boost your search ranking and get ahead of your competition.

2. Broken Code

As a business, you should be proud to display your website.  Old websites often have their code break when it is not optimized.  Broken code is when parts of your site have updated but have not been updated for an extended period, making it invalid.  The best way to see this is by checking if you have any errors or broken pieces of the website. Keeping an updated site and changing the design every few years is critical when being found.

Broken code can also get complicated depending on what kind of website you have.  For most WordPress websites, it is probably worth it to redesign your website.  This decision often sounds more challenging than it is, and you can find all the help you need from Kallen Media, local to Phoenix, Arizona.

3. Outdated information

open old book

One of the critical ways that search engines rank businesses is by the consistency of data.  If you are not active online, then it is likely there is old information regarding your business on your website.  This could be anything from the wrong address to the wrong phone number. When it comes to making money, this could be a huge setback!  Having potential customers not able to contact you through your online presence means that you could be losing a large percentage of your traffic.

There are several services online that will scour the internet for information regarding your business. A great place to start would be BrightLocal who allows you to check this information for free on their trial.

4. Wrong Message

Over the years, businesses tend to develop into themselves.  For many companies, they have a different message from when they began years ago.  Your current message should be what your website provides. From the primary colors to pictures provided, the website should be updated and current.  Having outdated media can give the impression that you are not currently active since there is now new information.

5. User Experience

Provide a fresh user experience.  Think about the interfaces of all your favorite websites.  Odds are they are easy to navigate, and the message they are trying to convey is clear.  That is the same feeling you should be striving for with your website!

The best place to start would be choosing a layout or design that you want your website to follow.  There should be a flow to your general theme; each page should not read like a drastically different website.  By adding color and design details, you can turn the most boring sites into great sales tools.

6. Fresh Content

Keeping your website updated with fresh content is one of the primary aspects of SEO optimization. Producing new content regularly for your website is the best way to have your site stay relevant. One way to do this is by creating social media platforms as other channels for you to direct traffic to your website.  Fresh content on your website itself is best done through blog posts.

Blogs allow for your brand to relay messages to their audiences about topics they care about.  Topics of the blog can be anything related to your industry. Some of the best strategies for coming up with blog ideas are making bulleted lists or reviewing the top current trends in your industry.

Learn more about how SEO will help your business grow and bring you more customers and leads.


WordPress Plugins: How to Improve Your Site

When designing a website on WordPress, one of the essential pieces is going to be its structure.  In many cases, if you have a fully customized website, you will include various plugins to supplement parts of your site when utilizing the WordPress platform.  This platform allows for much easier creation and management than a custom coded and managed website. Plugins are used within the WordPress platform because they are programs designed to do specific things to augment and bolster your site, without needing custom code.

programmer coding a website

What is the most significant difference between using a platform like WordPress and coding your website?

1. Costs

the cost of good Webdesign can be incredible. WordPress websites can typically run in the hundreds to thousands of dollars. If you wanted a web development team to create a website, you would be looking at at least a $10,000 bill, which can be overwhelming to many smaller companies.

Deciding the primary purpose of your website will be vital in determining the path you need to go down.  If you are looking for fully customizable and unique functionality, you may need a web development team for a more extensive scope project.  However, most businesses will find that the WordPress route will allow them all the customization that they will need. WordPress provides for merchant processing and e-commerce plugins to be integrated.  This integration will enable businesses to run their shops entirely digitally in many cases without spending a large amount of money.

laptop with WordPress open

The bread and butter to any WordPress website are going to be plugins or unique code used.  There needs to be a balance of plugins with your other content. Having too many plugins can slow down your website.  Alternatively, there may be a point where plugins are messing with each other’s settings meaning that you are not getting full usability in some cases.  Kallen media is here to breakdown three common uses for plugins on the WordPress platform.

2. Search Engine Optimization

Often the purpose of working on WordPress is to avoid digging too deep into the coding elements of your website.  Search engines look at all aspects of your website unless you specifically tell them not to. When these search engines crawl your websites, they are looking for a variety of different factors to rank your site.  There are some elements that you can control, like how many keywords you embed and if you have all your proper tags in place.

search engine bar over map

There may be other elements like proper image sizing, 404 redirects, and a variety of more complex problems that you may have a harder time-solving. These issues are where specific search engine optimization plugins come in. By utilizing a variety of plugins, you can have images automatically resized to fit your website better.  You can have SEO plugins give you recommendations for pages as to how you can get the most search traffic.

3. Visual Builders

We are now at a point with website builders that we can design websites completely through a visible view.  This front end builder eliminates the need to code and allows for complete front end development capabilities. Some of the most common that Kallen Media would recommend would be Elementor and Divi.  Elementor offers a free version with limited features, while the Divi package offers yearly and lifetime licenses.

Utilizing visual builders allows you to bring design aspects directly into your websites.  Adding icons, pictures, and visual effects have never been easier. There are several beginner tutorials online that can guide you through building a website within a few hours from Kallen Media.  Of course, there are more functions once you dive in. But this is a perfect starting point for someone interested in creating a website. Alternatively, you could utilize Kallen Media to design, build, and teach you about your website.  This way, you are both informed and fully capable of making changes to your website without the need for a third party.

4. E-Commerce

The digital market is continuously expanding, and with it, so is e-commerce. So to be successful as an online business, you need to be able to process payments online.  Payment processing requires that you both have a merchant processor, and frequently, an e-commerce website. WordPress allows you to link merchant processors easily with their plugins like WooCommerce.  One other essential piece that you need to keep in mind is that you need to have an HTTPS security key to process payments through your website. This security can be purchased through most hosting sites, or contact Kallen Media for additional assistance.

store front sending out messages

Once you are working within an e-commerce website builder, you can display your products.  Whether it is physical products you ship out or services, you can show your business within an online store.  Setting up product pages is smooth and has full customization to make your business stand out from the competition. Integrating e-commerce software can seem overwhelming, but Kallen Media can make it simple with a free consultation!

After reviewing what WordPress has to offer, we would recommend trying your first website on WordPress. For now, we hope you enjoyed the article and would love to hear your feedback in the comments!

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