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5 Unbelievable Benefits Of SEO For Your Business Website

If you want to enhance your brand’s awareness, expand your reach, and earn higher revenue, it is crucial to incorporate search engine optimization in your digital marketing campaign. This will help improve your position in the marketplace. The benefits of optimizing your content are endless and worth all the hassle.

scrabbles tiles on a wooden table spelling out the term, 'SEO'

This blog will guide you on the top benefits of SEO and how it helps make your marketing strategies on digital platforms effective.

1. It Boosts Your Brand’s Credibility

Any site that’s ranked high by the search engines and appears in the top searches on a search engine result page (SERP) is considered trustworthy and of high quality.

Hence, ranking among the top search results helps make your business credible. Investing time in getting the right keywords for your website, making it user-friendly, and increasing the site speed will help your site rank higher.

2. Leads to Better User Experience

a web designer working on a project

Improving user experience will help you rank better on the search engine result pages organically without any paid efforts.

The days are gone when websites were ranked based on backlinking and keyword stuffing. Therefore optimizing your site will also ensure that your website enhances user experience as both go hand-in-hand when it comes to ranking higher.

3. Gives You a Competitive Advantage

Successful businesses are firmly holding onto their market shares by effectively using digital marketing practices, the foundation of which is search engine optimization.

With billions of searches being made daily, investing in SEO is the best approach to compete organically for a better reach. It’ll help you outshine the competitors and attract more customers.

two people discussing their SEO campaign

Consider two companies from the same industry producing identical goods at competitive pricing. One runs an optimized website, whereas the other one doesn’t. Who do you think will be able to generate more profits assuming all the other factors are the same? The one who appears at the top of the search engine result page, of course!

Search engines can be unbelievably impactful in keeping you ahead of your competitors. Therefore, you must not underestimate them and make maximum use of them by optimizing your websites.

4. SEO Targets Quality Traffic

SEO is an inbound marketing strategy. Unlike traditional outbound advertising channels, where you reach the audience who’s willing to hear from you, SEO works the other way round.

Disruptive ads and spamming emails that were used earlier weren’t effective in generating more leads as the majority of the consumers found them annoying.

a man optimizing a website to generate more traffic

SEO is much more customer-centric. Instead of forcing the customers to view their promotional campaigns, it focuses on making quality content easily accessible to the target audience whenever they need it. Thus, generating more leads.

When you attract users who’re actively looking for a product or service, you are likely to reach your target audience. It also increases your chances of successful lead generation as the consumer is already considering a purchase.

5. You Don’t Have To Pay For Ads in SEO

Organic rankings on various search engines are based on how it perceives your site to provide value to the researcher. This means if your website is of high quality, both in terms of content and user interface, the search engine will automatically direct more users to your page, thus increasing traffic on your website.

Your websites can easily attract organic traffic if you optimize your sites and make them worthy. With search engine optimization, you won’t need to make any additional investments, unlike in PPC, where you have to pay each time a user clicks your ad to continue attracting potential customers.

With 92.2% of active internet users visiting online stores, an optimized website is the best way to generate maximum leads and purchases.  If you want to optimize your website and boost your business online, look no further than Kallen Media. Our SEO services in Phoenix will do wonders for your website and your brand.

Experts at our digital marketing agency use the best practices to provide top-notch yet affordable SEO services. We also offer Google ad grant management, web designing, content marketing, blog writing and posting, and social media marketing services in Phoenix, AZ.

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The Top 4 Instagram Tips

Looking to increase Instagram engagement? Great, you’re not alone. Today, brands need to dig deeper into their performance metrics and track views of Instagram stories, shares, saves, comments, and even direct messages to understand how they’re performing. Fortunately, it’s not as challenging as most people may think! Here, our social media advertising agency in AZ is sharing the top 4 Instagram tips.

1. Use hashtags

Thanks to hashtags, people can navigate through tons of posts and filter out what’s of interest or relevant to them. While using more than ten hashtags is fine, don’t overuse them. Why? Because it’ll look a bit spammy.

a person offering social media optimization services in Phoenix

But whatever the number is, ensure they’re appropriate. You can use tools like Hashtagify to check out trendy hashtags. Some will be quite generic, while some will be trending like crazy.

Also, don’t shy away from checking out and analyzing the Instagram accounts of successful businesses, especially of your competitors. Learn how they’re using hashtags and adapt/emulate what they’re doing.

Yes, you won’t see instant results. But, if you can discover popular hashtags that are relevant to your business, you’ll immediately get access to a better audience. Sometimes, even virtual forums grow up around the hashtags – niche communities that’ll like to know your brand.

2. Get active

Randomly liking posts isn’t going to help your business much. However, with some strategic thinking, you can make likes work well for your business.

Visit the Instagram profiles of your competitors and see who is engaging with their posts – these are your target market too. So, why not start following them?

This is a great way to build an audience that’s actively interested in your business offerings.

3. Give a distinctive look to your posts

Because Instagram is a very visual platform, you should also treat it as such. If you want to make your posts instantly recognizable, maintain the same style of photography and use the same signature filter to give your posts a bit of consistency.

Doing this will help you echo the visual identity of your brand. So, feel free to adopt the same image style, fonts, and colors on your website. This way, your brand will remain consistent from one communication channel to another.

4. Clearly describe what you do

Don’t forget to set your profile up properly. Write a good bio, ensure your Instagram handle instantly conveys what you do, and use a decent profile image. Also, add the URL of your website too!

Increase brand awareness with no additional cost with Kallen Media’s social media marketing services in AZ

Kallen Media’s social media optimization services in Phoenix can help you manage your social media through best practices, audits, and research, so you can concentrate on other aspects of your business and watch it grow.

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Top Social Media Trends in 2021: A Rundown of Q1 and Q2

Social media platforms collectively have 3.5 billion active users, with a new account being created every 6.4 seconds. Every user spends a minimum of 142 minutes on social media platforms each day. Welcome to the Kallen Media blog on the top social media trends in 2021!

Social media apps on the phone

Social media plays a crucial role in our lives by helping us stay connected with the world.

Whether you’re living in a first-world country or third, social media keeps you updated on what’s happening around the globe with a mere touch of a button. While the pandemic had us spending an increased amount of time scrolling through social media, it proved an excellent opportunity for businesses.

Social media is a precious channel for marketers. It provides a great opportunity for them to reach customers and convert these leads. However, to make the most out of it, you must keep up-to-date with the ongoing social media trends. Here’s a quick preview of some social media trends that you might have missed:

Live Videos

Since COVID-19 restricted everyone to staying in orders, businesses and bloggers turned to live streaming to stay connected with their followers. Whether it’s just chit-chat or a detailed product review, live streaming has brought the focus back to video marketing this year.

Influencer making a video

In a recent survey, 82% of the audience voted for live videos rather than usual content uploaded on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter. This demand has urged many brands to bring renowned personalities and celebrities to their live sessions to increase views and brand awareness.

Moreover, impromptu live chats have been a great hit amongst the audience too. It’s helping businesses answer questions and make important announcements when the changing algorithms restrict brand appearance on follower’s feeds.

Ephemeral Content

Snapchat was an instant hit amongst millennials and adults due to its very innovative and catchy concept of short-duration content that disappears within 24 hours. Soon Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms hopped on the bandwagon too. This is called ‘Ephemeral Content.’

Due to FOMO (aka Fear of Missing Out), ephemeral content keeps people on their toes. Users refresh their feed more often and revisit brand space to view the content before they ‘miss’ out on it. Ephemeral content is fun and engaging as it uses videos, images, and minimum text.

Ephemeral content is an informal and personal way of communicating with followers, which is why it’s been prevalent throughout 2021. Pop quizzes, behind the scenes, and polls have been the recent hit for ephemeral content.

Local Targeting

As a marketer, you must know about the miracles of local SEO. Similarly, local targeting has been widespread amongst brands by geo-tagging the location on their social media stories and posts to connect with the local audience.

Even though Instagram already allows its users to search stories and posts based on their vicinity, local targeting through geo-tagging will enable brands to be more discoverable.

Plus, with the advanced features of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter promotions, brands can also target a specific audience based on their locality through IP addresses.

AR and VR Technology

The latest social media trends of 2021: Augmented (AR) and Virtual (VR) Reality. As customers feel confined to their houses, missing the real-time shopping, businesses started offering AR-powered shopping that allows them to try on products virtually.

This not only gives them the closest feel to real shopping while staying home, but also helps make a well-thought decision before investing in a product.

taking a picture using filters

It doesn’t end there. The different filters that you love on Snapchat and Instagram are also a part of the AR experience. Plus, playing your favorite games on Facebook has become even more fun with affordable VR gear. While this area can still use some improvements, it still offers a lot of fun for users.

Influencer Marketing

Have you been seeing your favorite blogger talk about a product repetitively? That’s influencer marketing.

While that’s been a trend since 2019, the approach has evolved a lot this year. Rather than collaborating with influencers for a single post, brands now create series of posts with similar efforts from both ends.

More prominent brands collaborating with niche bloggers and micro-influencers aim to show their ‘transparency’ and inclusivity while being cautious about who they choose to work with. If you haven’t heard or seen these social trends around, there are high chances your marketing game isn’t strong enough.

Be on top of your marketing game with Kallen Media. We are a social media advertising agency based in Arizona with a prime focus on increasing your traffic-to-sale conversation rate. Our specialized team can cater from large enterprises to small businesses.

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Google My Business Listings

Did you know, more than 70,000 Google My Business Listings incur every second? That makes it 227 million per hour and about 5.4 billion searches every day.

Google home page on a tablet

Even though we have always been dependent on the internet for the past decade, the global pandemic has pushed us further. Google plays a huge role in making our internet experience hassle-free and seamless through video search, Google Assistant, Chrome search, and much more.

Another new addition to their efforts is “Google My Business (GMB).” GMB is a free, easy-to-use, multi-featured tool for organizations to manage an online presence on Google, Search, and Maps. Since Google My Business helps you appear directly on Google and Map search results, it won’t redirect you or the customer to a third-party site, unlike Yelp.

What Does a Google My Business Listing Include?

The aim of a Google My Business listing is to allow people to see helpful information about your business when they search. Your GMB listing mostly includes:

  • Pictures of your business
  • Contact information
  • Physical address
  • Website link
  • FAQs
  • Reviews
  • Operating hours

Where Does a Google My Business Listing Appear?

Google Knowledge Panel

The Google Knowledge Panel is a box that appears on the top-right corner of your desktop when one performs a brand search for the business (i.e., searches by the business’s name). Upon the search, all the relevant information from your GMB listing will emerge on the knowledge panel.

Google Knowledge Panel

The information will be displayed in a concise and SERPs format to provide the searchers with quick and easy answers to their questions. The advantage is, your business becomes more visible.

Google Maps

Google Map results for Kallen Media

Because of this Google Maps is the most downloaded navigation and maps application in the US, even though it comes pre-installed on all android smartphones. Google Maps is a crucial place for businesses to gain visibility locally. When consumers search with the relevant keyword on the app, a list of businesses will appear, one of them being yours. When the customer taps on your business, a GMB listing will appear, displaying all the relevant information about you.

Google Local Pack/Finder

Customers use Google Local Pack to look for nearby businesses. Upon entering the keywords, the top three searches appear, which the searcher can expand to see more. Even if you don’t have a website, your business can appear here through the Google My Business listing. Google pulls out all the relevant information from your GMB post and uses it here to inform people about your service.

Why Do You Need Google My Business Listing?

It helps you improve your local SEO ranking

Today’s the age of curious minds. When people search on their mobile devices, they are highly likely to call the same day or visit the next day. For the searchers to be able to find you, optimizing your local SEO is essential.

GMB listing is an incredible way to optimize and increase your local SEO. Since an increasing amount of people are exploring local businesses every day, your business will show up more often on Google, helping you get more customers.

Your business will appear in other Google products

Other than Google search, people also use Google Maps and Assistant for quick results. Through GMB listing, relevant information regarding your business will show up on these platforms too.

It will increase your businesses’ exposure

While it’s true that GMB listings appear when people search for your business directly by name, it’s not limited to it. When your listing is optimized well, your business will appear in indirect search too, such as ‘coffee places near me’ or ‘pizza places near me.’

How To Create Google My Business Listings?

You can create the GMB listing yourself by either searching for your business by name or adding it manually if it doesn’t appear on https://www.google.com/business/. However, it takes more than just creating your business listing.

Google My Business is constantly evolving to the changes around us by incorporating new features. Keeping track of them while figuring out how you can utilize those features can take a lot of extra time and effort to figure out your business strategy or new products.

Moreover, not to forget that GMB listings require constant maintenance and periodic uploads to keep you amongst the top rankings. Adding repetitive information will lead nowhere. Adding new pictures, creative and attractive content, updating your services, adding quick Q&As, it’s all part of GMB listing maintenance. That’s why we recommend coming to the best digital marketing company in Arizona.

Kallen Media offers complete solutions to your digital marketing needs. It’s very easy to increase website visitors, but without a conversion rate, your traffic is worthless. Make the most out of your investment with Kallen Media for higher conversion rate and optimized SEO ranking through Google My Business listings.

Visit our website for more information.

Choosing Digital Marketing For Your Business

Times have changed, and so has the typical business approach. With traditional marketing taking a back seat digital marketing is soaring. learn all about Choosing Digital Marketing For Your Business.


How Can Blogs Boost Your Business

57% if businesses have acquired a customer through a company blog. Here’s how can blogs boost your business


Facebook Is Your Marketing Asset

Facebook is the biggest and most popular social media app, with over 2.89 billion monthly users worldwide. It’s popular in all countries and among all age groups, with people not only opening the app once but several times a day. That is no ordinary achievement. However, Facebook has rightly earned its position as the leading social media app. In addition to the benefit of staying connected with your loved ones worldwide, Facebook is a powerful weapon for businesses to use in their marketing strategies vigorously. Here’s why Facebook Is your marketing asset.

Targeting Mechanism

Through Facebook, you can automatically optimize your audience using a sophisticated targeting mechanism based on several determinants, including location, age groups, preferences, behavior, engagement, etc.

People using their phones

User Preferences

To further expand on this, Facebook keeps a record of what you like and dislike based on your watch history, location, friends, etc., and then shows you ads accordingly to trigger impulse buying.

For example, if an eCommerce store sells records of a particular band, and you have liked several fan pages of that band, then Facebook will show you ads of those records multiple times.

Similarly, eCommerce pages will make sure to show you the same products that you spent time looking at.

Carousel Ads

Another helpful tactic that Facebook uses is carousel ads with a call-to-action option. Carousel ads allow you to add up to ten images in one ad. By strategically placing similar or complimenting products together, it can trigger sales for the company.

Video Ads

Short but meaningful video ads grasp the audience’s attention in a way that picture ads don’t. With the added sound and video, the audience becomes more intrigued.

If you’re in fast food, posting videos of preparing meals can show people how safe the food is and drive business.

Poll Ads

Facebook allows for some healthy discussion and interaction by using poll ads. Companies can use the polls to ask their audience how onboard they are with a new idea.

Post During Busy Hours

Facebook also keeps track of the hours where there is the highest amount of traffic. This helps companies post their ads or offers when their audience does not miss them.

If you don’t want to get into the hassle of doing all this yourself, contact Kallen Media. We are one of the leading digital marketing agencies and are known for social media optimization through sophisticated software, analysis, and keyword optimization. Let us handle your social media while you can focus on other aspects of the business.

Tips for Designing Marketing Strategy

From the day a company is launched till the day it decides to close down, marketing remains one of the essential elements fueling any business’s engines. A company that doesn’t have an effective marketing strategy is bound to fail. Companies are now setting more money aside for marketing. According to a survey, 93% of B2B companies were extremely committed to content marketing, and it generated annual revenue of $300 million in 2019. Here are some essential Tips for Designing Marketing Strategy that can help your business in the long run.

Determine Target Audience

The first step of developing an effective marketing strategy is to identify the target audience. Without getting a clear sense of which demographic or age group you’re targeting, you won’t be able to develop the strategy further.

Identify Business Goals

The next step should be identifying the overarching goal of the company. Hence not every company aims to maximize profits. There are specific non-governmental organizations that work to create awareness who work towards retaining their existing customers.

Once you know what you’re striving to achieve, the following steps become easier.

Select Suitable Medium

Social media apps on a phone

The next step is a crucial one. Based on the population and demographics you’re targeting, you’ll need to select suitable communication mediums.

For example, if you’re targeting all genders aged between 15-50 years, social media marketing, particularly through Facebook and Instagram, would be ideal since they have their highest number of users fall within this age group. So, Newspapers and television have somewhat become obsolete mediums of communication and might not be as effective.


Before choosing the appropriate marketing campaigns for your strategy, you must first calculate some costs and figure out how much budget you can allocate for them. This will give you a framework to work in without cutting back on things after coming up with campaigns.


For this step, you will have to let your creative juices flow. So while you can choose several different campaigns, they can be broad for marketing and promotional campaigns.

Marketing campaigns involve you marketing your company on various platforms in advertisements, blogs, social media posts, etc. Companies can use sophisticated data collection and analysis techniques to infer the audience’s preferences through which they can emphasize or deemphasize certain mediums or campaigns.

Promotional campaigns work best when you pay influencers or bloggers to promote your product, giving you a wider following since they might reach audiences you might not be able to reach.

Want some expert to help you walk through the process? Hire Kallen Media to take care of all your marketing needs. We specialize in SEO, digital marketing, web designing, and much more. Contact us today to invest in a brighter future for your company.

Why Nonprofit Organizations Need a Marketing Strategy

Different businesses have different marketing objectives. Established businesses have lots of reasons to market, some want to boost sales while others want to spread awareness. Nonprofit organizations usually fall in the last category. They use marketing platforms to create a brand for themselves to increase their visibility and spread awareness of a good cause. However, the budgeting might prove to be challenging for them. Nonetheless, a strong marketing strategy is vital for non-profit organizations. Here’s Why Nonprofit Organizations Need a Marketing Strategy.

Create A Brand

Amnesty International, American Red Cross, UNICEF, etc. are well-known nonprofit organizations. More than an organization, they have now become a brand. Over the years, through their work and comprehensive coverage, they have earned a name for themselves, making their brand and work reliable.

People are now more woke about their surroundings and want to know that the money they donate is going into good hands, which is why it’s essential to have a well-recognized brand name that has credibility.

Spread Awareness

Inspirational notes on a board

Nonprofits are committed to taking initiatives, missions, and campaigns to bring about positive social and political change in society. While domestic abuse, discrimination against the LGBTQ community, women, etc., are more prevalent acts of injustice, there might be other causes that are not that prevalent, such as breast health awareness.

Both causes need to be brought to people’s attention so that the community could work towards bringing about change together.

Raise Funds and Collect Donations

As the name suggests, the organization is run with a no-profit motive. Whatever they earn transfers into other initiatives. Thus, it becomes extremely important for them to collect donations, since this is their primary source of revenue.

Since it’s highly challenging to ask people for monetary help without any tangible benefits, the marketing strategy and the content advertised should be so strong that people should feel inherently motivated to donate and fund the organization’s initiative.

Attract Volunteers

While part of the marketing campaign is for companies, others focus on people who may not have the financial means to donate but have the willingness to help.

The youth especially are more inclined towards social work nowadays. The more politically informed they become, the more enthusiastic the newer generation is about bringing about positive social change.

Inspire and Motivate

Witnessing positive change from their own eyes can be a life-changing experience. By documenting and marketing their efforts, nonprofit organizations have the power to inspire hundreds to come and volunteer.

Kallen Media realizes the benefits of digital marketing for nonprofit organizations. Therefore, as one of the leading digital media agencies, it offers specialized marketing services for nonprofits, including crowdfunding tools, social media optimization, free google ads, etc.  Contact them for more information regarding nonprofit marketing today.

4 Signs That You Need better Web Designing

An official website has become an integral part of online marketing. It gives people a legitimate platform to turn to for details about the company, its services, contact information, etc. However, that’s not all there is to it. Several other web designing features make a website effective and beneficial for a company.

A company has to be esthetically pleasing and also tick all the necessary boxes to rank high in search engines. All it takes is a glance for people to pass a judgement on a particular website and decide whether to move on or continue reading up on it.

Here are a few signs that indicate that your website needs a makeover immediately to become effective.

Sending An Unclear Message

A person looking at a computer

When you start a business, it’s natural to have an overflow of ideas and services to offer to your customers. While it’s not wrong to provide many services, there should always be one overarching message that embodies your company’s whole gist or purpose. If that idea isn’t clear at first glance, there’s a chance people might turn away from it.

To judge whether you fulfill this requirement, you can use Forbe’s “4-second test“. Ask people to open your website and close it in exactly 4 seconds. If they return with a coherent message or idea of what the company is about, then you have succeeded.

Not Keeping It Clean

If there is a lot of information on your website, in the form of texts and images, shapes, etc., it becomes hard to navigate and follow through entirely. Moreover, make sure you don’t miss out on covering essential pages in your website while incorporating other things.

Ideally, a clean and effective website should have an ‘about us page, ‘services’ page, a ‘blog,’ and ‘contact us page.

Not Search Engine Optimized

Through search engine optimization, a website aims to rank high chronologically in search engines with the help of using specific keywords that appeal to your target audience. SEO has become a valuable asset for businesses to optimize their digital media strategies.

You might have great products and services that tick all the boxes for your target audience, but without SEO, it’ll be extremely difficult for them to find your website, and you’ll lose out on business.

Dull Esthetic Appeal

The layout of your website is just as important as all the information in it. While the services you sell bring in the money, the visual appeal of your website is what is going to bring in people.

A visually pleasing, minimalistic, and captivating web design will attract more people to it and force them to go over the entire website without break. Make sure it stands out from the rest and isn’t just an emulation of other websites.

If you need help in designing an exciting website that isn’t only a treat for the eyes but also incorporates SEO, contact Kallen Media. We offer web designing services for various businesses and ensure cost-effective, user-friendly, and effective web designs.

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