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Marketing for A Good Cause: Nonprofit Marketing

Marketing teams play an imperative role in revenue generation in an organization, yet the budget for marketing departments is often inadequate. This factor is true even more prevalently for non-profit marketing. If this sounds familiar, this blog can help.

We will first discuss what marketing can do for a non-profit organization, and then we’ll go into some of the strategies you can follow while designing your marketing plan.

Non-profit service volunteers collecting food and clothes

What Can Marketing Do for Your Organization?

For starters, marketing of any form gives an organization exposure, which comprises the foundation for revenue generation. However, strategically designing a marketing plan can give an organization a range of other benefits. Here are some ways marketing can promote growth in a non-profit organization.

1- Raising Awareness

Like any brand, a non-profit organization needs more people to be aware of its existence to grow. However, non-profit marketing goes beyond this; it raises awareness about the mission of the organization. This way, the marketing department in a non-profit organization can positively impact the organization rather than justifying its existence via indirect subsequent revenue generation.

2- Gaining Sympathizers

Most people who work for and contribute to non-profit organizations personally care about the cause. Raising awareness about the cause can help a non-profit organization to get more people to care about the cause. This will encourage growth for the organization in all aspects. More people will start contributing monetarily, more people will want to volunteer for projects and temporary positions, and more people will want to work permanently for the organization.

3- Helping the Cause

Non-profit organizations don’t invest in marketing aiming for world domination. A sincere non-profit organization dedicated all its resources to the cause. The primary aim is to serve the cause. Growth is just a means to an end, not an end in itself.

Marketing not only contributes to the growth of a non-profit organization but can also serve the cause directly. People might not contribute to your organization right away, but your marketing campaign will leave some impact on them, which will eventually benefit the cause one way or another.

Food and medical supplies in a non-profit service van

Designing a Nonprofit Marketing Plan

Marketing for a cause also makes people associate your brand with the cause. It acts as an anchor, especially for the people who got introduced to the cause through your marketing. These individuals will recall your organization every time they hear about the cause. The following steps discuss how you can construct an effective marketing plan for a non-profit organization.

1- Establish Clear Goals

Having a clear objective helps design every aspect of a marketing plan. A marketing plan can be focused on any of the goals mentioned in the previous section. Although a marketing plan focused on any of the goals mentioned above will positively impact the cause in all other aspects. Still, establishing a clear goal you can measure your performance against can help you further improve your plan.

You can, for example, aim for generating funds. The marketing plan, hence constructed, will surely raise awareness, but having the ability to measure the plan’s performance through the number of funds generated can allow you to improve the plan.

2- Mind your Target Audience

Different kinds of people are more likely to sympathize with different causes. For example, college students are less likely to sympathize with a cause for the benefit of war veterans and their families than members of a golf club. Marketing to the right audience is just as important a factor in determining the success of a campaign as its nature and design. In fact, the target audience must be considered while designing the plan itself.

3- Aim to Invoke Emotion

We help because we care. The will to help and contribute is not only triggered but also fueled by emotions. This makes evoking an emotional reaction a primary goal for a cause.

According to one study published in the Journal of Nonprofit & Public Sector Marketing, positive charity appeals (i.e., those that emphasize the positive impact of helping the cause) are more effective at inducing a positive image about the organization.

However, negative charity appeals (i.e., those that focus on the problems related to the cause) are more effective at eliciting donations and raising funds. Depending on your goal, carefully designing the plan to elicit positive or negative responses in the target audience can improve the plan’s effectiveness.

Designing a non-profit digital marketing plan

In the era of technology, even non-profit marketing is done through various digital marketing techniques. However, many digital marketing agencies cost a lot which is not the preferable option for charity organizations.

At Kallen Media, we provide non-profit digital marketing services for all kinds of non-profit organizations. Through our social media marketing services, WordPress website design services, and SEO services targeted at non-profit organizations, we allow non-profit organizations to market their cause at a discounted price.

Visit our website for more details, or reach out to us and see your charity collections raising!

Inbound Vs. Outbound Marketing

With the growing competition, it’s become challenging for businesses to stay ahead of the curve. Because of this, the feild of marketing is changing. Like everything else, marketing has gone digital, new methods such as digital marketing, content marketing are becoming popular. There are also two marketing terms that we often hearing more often – inbound marketing and outbound marketing. Although both these terms are quite different, they’re often confused by many people. Keep reading this blog to learn more about inbound Vs. outbound marketing.

What are Inbound and Outbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing helps users make a decision or solve an issue via helpful and relevant content. This type of marketing attracts potential customers through the use of keywords and converts them into permanent consumers by accompanying them throughout the buyer journey. However, outbound which is more fouced on quantity of advertisments.

Outbound marketing is a kind of intrusive marketing and involves all sorts of paid advertisements such as social ads, traditional advertisements, SEM, and other marketing methods. Unlike inbound marketing, outbound marketing aims to interact and engage with all sorts of potential clients whether or not they’re interested in the brand’s products and services.

What’s The Difference Between Inbound And Outbound Marketing?

Outbound marketing offers one-way communication

The biggest distinction is that outbound marketing is a one-way street. Whereas inbound marketing ensures two-way communication. This communication between the customers and the companies is crucial to assess if the marketing strategy is successful and allows the organization to see the customer’s response and reaction to the company’s marketing efforts.

a red neon sign spelling market

Inbound marketing makes the user come to the business

Because inbound marketing relies on interesting and appealing content that helps clients solve some common issues. The potential client looks for a solution to their problem and ends up on the business’s site through social media, referrals, search engines, and much more.

However, in the case of outbound marketing, the company itself reaches out to the clients through TV ads, radio, cold calls, print media, and other channels.

Inbound marketing helps generate strong relationships between the business and its customers

Inbound marketing involves the use of technology which helps the business learn more about its clients’ preferences and tastes. This helps them create relevant and informative content useful for the customers and helps form a good relationship between the two parties.

When it comes to outbound marketing, it’s often known as interruption marketing. This is because outbound marketing involves cold calling, which often causes an unpleasant interruption for the clients and can also lead to the potential customer losing any interest because of the intrusive approach.

Inbound marketing educates and entertains the customers

Because inbound marketing relies on blogs, infographics, and interesting videos it educates and entertains the potential customers. However, you can also intrest returning customers to invest more. On the contrary, outbound marketing rarely aims to educate or entertain the clients. Because outbound only introduces the product and its main features.

a group of people discussing marketing strategy

Outbound marketing doesn’t involve market segmentation

Market segmentation is crucial to ensure that the company’s marketing efforts are working for you. Identifying the target audience will help your business create content that’s relevant and engaging. As far as outbound marketing is concerned, it doesn’t take into account any target audience. This method has a high risk of failure and relies on sheer numbers.

Get In Touch WithKallen Media and AvailBlog Writing and Posting Services In AZ

To get the most out of your marketing budget, it’s best to hire a digital marketing agency. Partner up with a digital marketing agency to ensure your online presence is an asset. However make sure its a team who understands the diffrences between inbound Vs. outbound marketing.

Hire Kallen Media to ensure just that. Along with digital marketing, we hold expertise in SEO, web designing, content marketing, social media marketing, blog writing, non-profit services, and much more. We provide affordable and premium-quality services to small businesses that have a limited marketing budget.

Reach out to us today to know more about our wide assortment of digital marketing services.

Advantages of Professional Web Design

Having a professional web design isn’t just aesthetically pleasing! It has many other amazing benefits, which can help a business grow. Many organizations prefer to use cheap drag-and-drop website designs, but those designs don’t offer the same advantages as building a professional web design.

Read how you can get some amazing advantages through a professional design for your website.

Person creating a website design

1- Better SEO Ranking

In the continuously evolving world, it’s almost impossible to rank your website or page on Google without following proper SEO strategies. One of the ways to ensure that your website can rank better is through a professionally designed website.

Google often bases SEO rankings on user experience, where artificial intelligence bots mimic human behavior. If more people leave your website after finding it hard to use, Google will detect that behavior and automatically lower your website’s ranking. Visitors are more likely to stay on your site and visit it more often if it has an interactive, professional design, boosting your SEO ranking.

2- Boosts Revenue

Another huge benefit of having a professional web design is a major increase in revenue. An engaging, creative, and user-friendly website will attract more visitors and compel them to go through your services or products. These visitors can turn into potential permanent customers.

Having more customers will generate more sales and increase the annual revenue of your business. If you want to see a noticeable increase in sales, you should immediately invest in a professional web design.

3- Gives You an Advantage Over Your Competitors

With technology being incorporated into the business sector, around seventy-one percent of small businesses have a website. This percentage is a major upgrade from the records of 2018, where only fifty percent of small businesses had a website. Having so many competitors in the web world means that your website should have to stand out! But how can you do that?

Having a professional, crisp, and engaging web design would draw in more visitors to your website and help your business outshine among all the competitors. A website with modern web design trends and techniques, alongside strong content, can turn those one-time visitors into regular or potential customers. Better marketing techniques will give you a direct advantage over your competitors.

Coding a website design

4- Creates a Brand Recognition

Have you noticed people recognizing brands from a simple logo or color scheme? This recognition happens due to clever web designs. Through a creative web design, you will portray your products most appealing features. To put it simply, you can tell the story of your brand through a professionally-designed website.

The logo you put on your website, the colors, and the images you use will create your brand recognition. If you design your website through drag-and-drop tools or hire an unprofessional web designer, your website might get an unattractive final look with clashing colors and logos. This will create a negative impression of your brand where customers will avoid visiting your website due to the horrible user experience.

5- Getting an Interactive User Experience

Visiting a website filled with too much information or images creates a negative user experience. On the other hand, creating a website with a simple layout and just the page title with some text would also bore the visitors.

By hiring a professional web designer or creating a professional web design yourself, you’ll get a website that is free from clutter. Professional web design would make your website fun and create customers.

6- Minimizes the Bounce Rate

In simple words, bounce rate is the term used to define the percentage of customers who leave your site and visit another instead of exploring your website in-depth. Therefore you always want a low bounce rate. According to a study, ninety-four percent of people decide not to explore a website further based on the design aspects.

The bounce rate on your website is inversely proportional to your website design. The more compelling and professional your web design is, the lower is your bounce rate. Having a professional web design makes a good impression on your visitors, and they will spend time exploring your site.

Creating a website design on two computers

Hire an Affordable Website Design Service

Without a proper website design, your business is likely to generate less revenue and attract fewer people. However, making a professional website design can be more complicated than you imagine. Therefore, hiring a professional web designer is the best option for your business!

At Kallen Media, our business website design services can help your business flourish. We can assist you in converting potential clients to long-term customers.

How To Make Your Website More Appealing

Your website design creates the first impression for your audience; you must ensure that it’s engaging enough to entice them to learn more about your business.


Increasing Brand Awareness with Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is now an essential component of a successful marketing strategy. Because SMM can help you by increasing brand awareness.


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