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Making Videos for Content: Where and When to Post

Mixed media can draw in users more than any individual medium can. And it’s easier to produce video content now more than ever; most computers even come with built-in editing software! Video content is engaging and often underutilized. Whether you hire a production team or make them in house, a video is a good tool to have. That’s why this blog will spotlight some of the areas that you could be making videos for content.

Videos are great for making important information digestible and fun. If you are struggling to keep a customer’s attention or want more interaction, a video can do some of the heavy liftings for you. Today we will tell you about how you can incorporate videos into every aspect of your web presence. We will talk about videos in blogging, social media, and even some stand-alone uses for video content. So let’s get started.



We have talked a lot in the past about how important blogging is for your SEO rankings. But if you’re already blogging and not making waves, a video blog might be a better format for you. Some topics are naturally less engaging, so consider providing it if your niche craves a more fulfilling experience. This change could be a simple video incorporated into a written blog or an entirely separate vlog! A video presence could help strengthen your relationship with your bloggers.


Similarly, a video where real company members appear can make a user feel like they know you. A meet the staff video gives potential customers or clients the option to meet your team in the best possible setting. Developing a personal relationship with your customers is an excellent business practice, And videos can help foster this relationship with your base. The way a video pulls people in and helps them feel involved also makes them a great SMM tool.

Social Media Marketing


When people say content, they are almost always referring to something they posted or saw on a social media platform. So when we’re talking about video content, we have to mention social media. Engaging with users via videos is significant because people can efficiently understand a branded message. If you’re following the rules for good engagement, your video content should add another layer of connection to your target market. And sometimes, viewers will even make content for you!

It’s no secret that companies value word of mouth advertising, and social media has made it easier than ever to get these precious vouches. One particularly coveted form of word of mouth is user-generated content (UGC) when your customers are essentially creating ads for you! This virtually free resource is insanely useful at converting and drawing in new customers. Now let’s talk about how videos can stand on their own.

Video Content


Stand-alone videos are valuable tools a company can use whenever they want to interact and inform their customers. Often this means a product description video, but that is only the beginning! Videos make an excellent resource for FAQs and testimonials too. A video is one of the most impactful ways you can deliver information, but sometimes they are unnecessary.


It is important not to overdo it with video content. One video might feel like a fun change of pace, but a site full of movies can be overwhelming to a user. As we mentioned earlier, videos make information fun and connecting to viewers, but they are less good at quick jabs of info. If you need something fast and easy to digest for customers, consider using an image instead.

Making Videos for Content


Using multiple forms of media for content can make your web presence shine. And in the business world, videos are underused by content creators and web developers. If you’re looking for a form of engaging and easy-to-understand content for users, then making videos for content is a smart business move. Videos are an excellent resource to diversify your blogging content. If you’re already following the best SEO practice but want an extra leg up, adding video content can make your ranking soar.

Similarly, video is useful for marketing on social media. Because it is engaging, video content helps build your social networks, and eventually, your customers might make videos for you! Lastly, video content is strong enough to stand on its own. If you are updating your website, consider adding videos to condense bulky content or spice up a dry page.

Videos are an excellent marketing resource, but you have to be careful not to overuse them. If you have a quick blurb or need a message understood immediately, a video might not be the medium for you. If you’re struggling with incorporating video content into your web design, Kallen Media can help. Contact us today to talk about your needs, and we will help make your marketing plan a reality.

Updating Your Website: Tips From Professional Developers

An old website can make your customers wonder if they should shop somewhere else. A lot of great people are losing business because their web design is simply outdated. If you’re thinking about modernizing your website, you’ve come to the right place! Today we will help you decide if you should consider Updating your website. And we will provide all the information you need to decide on your site’s new look. Lastly, we will talk about how professional web designers can help you. So lets’ get started!

Updating your website can feel impossible if you’ve been stuck with the same design for a long time. But it’s easier than you might think if your company is clear about the redesign’s goals. So, where do you start? The first step of the process is deciding if you need a new site at all.

Should You Update?


When considering an update, you should decide why you need to change your site. A few of the key reasons for an update will be brand or data related. Let’s start by talking about the data side of things. Have you been looking for a way to learn more about how your customers feel about your product or service? Data collection online could help give you the answers you need. A professional web designer can help you design a site that learns from your customers! If you think you could benefit from learning more about the people you do business with, new web design could help.


If your current site doesn’t represent your company and its goals, you might need to update it. A website is your company’s first impression, so it’s important to make sure it reflects your company’s marketing goals. A chain is only as strong as the weak link, so make sure your web design hasn’t fallen behind. Similarly, it is important to keep your website inline with any brand updates. When modernizing your brand, you can’t forget about your online presence.

Modernize Your Brand


In the modern online market, a good website is oftentimes a sign to customers that they can trust the company. If you’ve modernized and are utilizing new online tools, you can’t forget about the basics. Whenever your brand is updated, a website change should show that new direction. The best-branded websites have subtle nods to their defining features throughout their web pages. Once you know what you want out of a website, you should always market test.

Modern web design doesn’t stop at Branding. It’s important to learn from the market research you did earlier. The research helps you understand what features make a web page feel modern and fast. Things like incorporating video content, regular blog posts, and other good SEO practices will help you build a new site! But once you have a new site, it’s important to check the work you did.

Test it Out


Any time you change your website, you should test it out. This doesn’t just include back-end tests; you should also get people’s opinions. A back-end test is required because a companies website should be bug-free. Poorly implemented design can scare your customers away! Whenever you Similarly, if your branded content isn’t palatable to your clientele, your business can suffer.


Just like market testing, it’s important to get active and real-time information on how people feel about your company. By checking in with a sample pool of customers or reliable market sources, you can make sure your branded content works. Double-checking your web design against these standards is important to guaranteeing success. One classic example of this is people ignoring color blindness in their designs. While it’s possible to do all of these steps alone, a web designer can simplify the process.

Web Designers


A professional web development team should understand all of these principles and plan to implement them in any work they do. Whenever you are considering updating your website, you should think about hiring a professional web development team. These teams can make your life easy and implement your ideas very fast.

Like the changes to your site, you should research the people you consider for work on your site. Always double-check that the team you hire understands your goals and needs for your site. If you’ve done all your research, and you have a clear plan, the team you pick is well on their way to making your custom website!

Updating Your Website


Deciding on a web redesign can feel daunting, but its really easy once you know what to do. The first step is analyzing your current site and deciding what, if anything, needs to be refreshed. Updating your website can include more data collection paths, branded content, and even a whole fresh look! But any time you change your website, you need to test out the new page. If all of these things sound too complicated for your current team, you might need to hire a web designer. A professional development team can take your dreams to reality fast!

If you’re looking for an updated website, the Kallen medias web services team can help. Not only can we update your site, but we can also manage and track how it’s growing to meet your SEO goals too. Contact us today to get a quote for your web development needs.

Five Tips for Blog Writing in 2022: an SEO Guide

There’s no doubt that blogging can help promote your business. Today we’re going to talk about five key areas you can focus on to write quality blogs. We will talk about the importance of scheduling and targeting your audience. We will also talk about some important key areas for SEO management. Finally, we will talk about some of the ways we write to make the content more memorable. Welcome to our blog on five tips for blog writing in 2020.

A professional writer knows that ideal content is made by following a clear plan. And blogging isn’t any different. A good blog will focus on targeting specific niches and putting out informative pieces regularly. The first step to making sure your blog is successful is to make sure you have knowledgable writers.

Quality Content


A good blog will c someone who knows about their subject. Writing from a place of knowledge gives readers a chance to learn valuable information. Most people find your blog when trying to have a question answered. If your blog has accurate answers, users will begin to trust your blog. Creating trust is an easy way to build a loyal audience. But quality doesn’t stop here. Blogs will also have to be well written.


Good content is double-checked for errors. Even if the most informed people write your blog, poor editing will disenchant your users. Ensuring your writing meets professional standards is a surefire way to please readers. Similarly, it would be best if you focused on formatting. Don’t place large blocks of uninterrupted texts; Break up your blogs with headings and images to improve your flow. But providing quality content isn’t the only thing you need to do. Your blog should target a niche and be consistent.

Scheduling and Niches


A niche is essentially the kind of audience your writings are trying to reach. For most business run blogs, your place will be similar to your target markets. Blogging to a specific niche can help you build trust and repertoire with your intended customers. It would help if you had a clearly outlined target before posting the first blog. This practice can ensure that your company isn’t wasting time writing blogs that people won’t be interested in reading. Similarly, it is crucial to reach out regularly.

A posting schedule will help your employees, but you will also use plans for enticing customers. You can even automate some blogging issues to save time. People who read your blog regularly will come to rely on the writings for information. So if you adhere to a schedule, people will be more likely to trust you as a source. This regularity will help boost the trust your niche has in your writing. By focusing on your target audience and posting regularly, a company can draw in daily active users. These users not only provide you with potential sales but also boost your SEO rankings! But how do you keep this audience interested?

Engaging Users


Let’s say you have the most consistent and quality writing. If your content doesn’t pull people in, you won’t see success. To create a healthy blog, you need to draw reactions out of your readers. Engaging a reader is more comfortable when they are in your niche but still requires focus. To satisfy a user, companies should focus on writing compelling content with a call to action. This motivator will help draw users by making them a part of the work you are doing.


Similarly, users should feel like there’s a reason to keep reading. Make sure you use transition phrases and questions to motivate your audience to get to the end. By writing in a style that urges someone to stick with your product, you will naturally have more invested niches.

Keywords and Meta Descriptions


When using WordPress or another hosting service, a lot of standard SEO practices will be automatically encouraged. But if a company doesn’t utilize these necessary tools, they are starting with a significant disadvantage. The two most important of these tools are keywords and meta descriptions. Keywords will help users find your blog without knowing about it. These commonly searched phrases should deeply relate to your content.

Meta descriptions are displayed to readers before they fully follow your link. These short passages can persuade a reader that your content is what they are looking for. Your meta description should clearly state what the blog contains but not give everything away. A blog can entice users before they even know they are looking for it by using these tools.

Use More Than Words


The last tip we have will help readers quickly consume your blogs. When you’re writing, make sure to use other media to break up your text. A large block of words can be intimidating for some readers. By breaking up your post into manageable sections, including images, or even videos and graphs, a blog becomes manageable. You don’t want to intimidate your users. So make sure your content isn’t a chore to read.

Five Tips for Blog Writing in 2020


Writing a blog can be your lifeline to good SEO ranking. So we have five tips for blog writing in 2020. By ensuring that your content is scheduled and targeted, a blog will build trust with users. Next, you should make your content follow basic SEO rules, like containing descriptions and keywords. And by making sure your writing is quality and engaging, your readers will become active members of a community. Finally, make your content visually appealing, and you’ve got yourself a great blog!

If you’re looking for a professional service to take over your blogging content, look no further. Kallen media has years of experience generating content that will excite and draw new customers for years to come. Please don’t wait. Reach out to us today and end your blogging struggle.

Web Stories WordPress Plugin: Your Visual Story

Web stories, formerly known as AMP stories, are an interactive way to engage with your users. And recently, we got the Google web stories WordPress plugin. Today we will tell you about what web stories are and how they can help your SEO rankings. We will also talk about the new Google web stories plugin and what this means for your content. And lastly, we will outline how web stories are changing and what that means for your business.


It is undeniable that an official WordPress plugin is going to make web stories even more popular. But it will be hard to understand these changes without knowing about the basics of the medium. That’s why we’re going to start with the basics. So let’s define what web stories are and talk about how they can drive traffic for your site.

Web Stories and SEO

A web story is a full-screen visual storytelling medium. These projects take google search results and transform them into an interactive space to make information more visually compelling. The results of these projects are a breath of fresh air for users and, as a result, are highly engaging. This medium creates brand new ways for you to communicate with users. Instead of text, a web story helps content creators speak visually. This visual element can help build trust in your content because the user feels involved.

This visual and interactive experience helps draw-in users. But a user actively participating in a search means they are more likely to retain information too. A standard search result can drive traffic to your website, but a web story can make this process into a journey. When a user finds content via a web story, they are a part of that discovery. This inclusion creates invested users who are excited to engage with your website. Its no wonder why people are so happy to use the new plugin!

WordPress and Web Stories

The advent of this plugin hints that we will start seeing professional and sleek designs from thousands of more users than before. As we know, WordPress plugins can make seemingly impossible tasks very easy. This ease means anyone can now utilize this highly effective messaging platform! These stories might even become an industry-standard you can come to expect from a professional website.

Plugins also help create easy user interactions. This google-designed plugin should be no different; we can expect WordPress web stories to start standardizing themes and templates that users can become accustomed too. Web stories were always highly engaging, but now they will be easy to implement also! The addition of plugin support means web stories will become a new industry standard.

Web Stories Plugin for Business

The new plugin format will affect how content is made and consumed for everyone. On the web development end, we can expect a content boom. Any time the entry barrier gets lowered, people will flock to it and see if it can help their solutions. And a web story is a prime candidate for this. Businesses interested in using a web story can expect the price of implementation to drop. This change will mean affordable and breath-taking design.


For designers, this new tool will come with some required learning. While projects are in their early stages, web designers are often learning and unlearn the changing key features. But this education is vital for designers. With massive companies like google and major advertisers backing the project, it will be essential to know. Web designers have to stay on top of trends, and web stories are positively trending right now.

Google Web Stories WordPress Plugin

The new WordPress plugin support for web stories marks the changing of an era for digital marketing. From now on, web designers can quickly implement a web story into their campaigns seamlessly. This new tool means we can expect to see some changes in how we think about web story content. A web story is a full-screen interactive story that displays information similarly to an average google search. This medium lets people see results in a visual format rather than text. This additional layer of information will undoubtedly help your SEO ranking.

A plugin will also make these designs more comfortable with making and using. Because people can easily create their own web story now, we can expect to see more of them. Plugin support will also make designing easier. These factors mean we will begin to see a uniform and cost-effective web story designs all over the internet.

Using a new plugin can be a challenging endeavor and can feel like a serious undertaking. And any update to WordPress can be scary. But Kallen media can make the process easy. If you’re looking for help with adding a web story plugin to your website, contact Kallen media and let us help you.

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