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E-commerce: Running your store with WordPress

E-commerce is rapidly becoming the new normal in consumer markets. E-commerce stores are essentially any website that you go to buy goods entirely online. Amazon, for example, is the largest e-commerce store in the world. This business model is quickly becoming the “norm” when it comes to modern business. but how does a companies even make those websites? If you’re ready to make the jump to e-commerce or need some guidance, keep reading!


Making your online store stand out can be hard when competing against corporate giants. Companies that are inexperienced in the online space can benefit greatly from having a web hosting partner. Full-service partners, like Kallen Media, can help your website flourish with individually tailored packages to suit your needs as a business owner. before a store can be tailored to fit a businesses needs some simple groundwork must be laid.


Building Your E-Commerce Store


As stated above, any website that allows you to buy products online is an E-commerce store. There are many different types, and an even more significant number of platforms to choose from. Before setting one up, you’ll need a website. WordPress is an inclusive, comprehensive website builder. Many companies offer extensive guidance when it comes to setting up your WordPress website. A lot of times, you can find an affordable price to have your website built for you! Once your WordPress site is up and running, it’s time to get an e-commerce plugin that will accommodate your business needs.



When building your store, it’s crucial to pick expandable options. As your business grows, your needs will scale. A website can sometimes be very challenging to scale if the proper precautions aren’t taken. You want to make sure the platform you choose can scale with your ever-increasing requirements. failing to account for scale may result in poor customer experiences or even store closure. It makes the process a lot more simple to select the right e-commerce plugin at the beginning, instead of having to switch to keep up with increased demands. while there are plenty of options for these plugins, most businesses utilize the same ones.


WordPress E-commerce plugins


Once a company decides to start selling, it’s time to build the shop interface. The two of the biggest WordPress platforms for an online store are Shopify, and WooCommerce. Many web hosting partners prefer one of these two, although these are not the only options, they are the most trusted. Around 39% of all online WordPress stores use WooCommerce, so it’s clear they know what they’re doing. Once a company has chosen it plugin it’s time to start building. Setting up an online store can seem like a daunting task, but it’s a lot more simple than you would think. so what exactly do these plugins do and how does it affect a website?


WooCommerce and WordPress


running an E-commerce store no longer takes a tech genius. The great thing about WooCommerce is that you don’t need to be a coder or spend much time. It will do much of the work for you. It’s as simple as adding the plugin and following the directions. the user-friendly interface means changes can easily be made allowing for a more customizable webpage. Once you’ve added the plugin, WooCommerce will begin to help create an e-store.


the first thing the WooCommerce plugin does is load an installation wizard. The installation wizard will then walk you through the process step by step. It will first take you through the pages you’ll need, which is as easy as hitting continue. Then you’ll be taken through and asked about what currency you use for the website. Afterward, the wizard will help you set up shipping and tax rates. Luckily, you don’t need to know any of that, WooCommerce will help decide for you. The final step to getting up and running is choosing your methods of payment, and that’s it! (technically) building your online store is only the first step. Then the website is customized to fit individual needs and brand requirements.


Make Your Online Store Unique

So now you have an e-commerce store that is up and running, but there are many more things to consider. You want it to flow well, what’s the point in selling your products online if your customers can’t figure out how to pay for them? Additionally, you want it to look appealing. There is a multitude of plugins that can help your site pop but some of that can start to get confusing, plugins can seem endless and some are less intuitive than others. That’s where employing the right help comes in handy! A company that excels in building memorable WordPress websites can help bring your ideas to life! if you need help making or managing your store, contact Kallen media on our website here.

Company Spotlight #3: Tucson Girls Chorus and TRAK

Kallen Media has always had aspirations to give back to the community we do business within. Early on, Kallen Media focused on finding nonprofit organizations with roots in the Tempe community. Nonprofit marketing is one of Kallen Media’s specialties. In 2020 we’ve grown and help nonprofits all over Arizona. I visited two such businesses for a company spotlight.

On a business trip to Tucson, I was able to visit some nonprofits based in the area. Two that stood out were the Tucson Girls Chorus and TRAK. Both companies focus on providing educational services to the Tucson community. I was excited to finally meet with two organizations that we have done pro bono work for several months.

The companies faculties were terrific, offering multiple activities, and bustling with people excited to learn and help. TRAK is a large facility with an actual ranch on site where kids can interact with all kinds of animals, including cows, sheep, and pigs. Similarly, the choir has a faculty equipped with spaces for groups to gather. The choir is also adjacent to a park with walking paths and ample parking. With expansive facilities, these are the perfect community gathering places. So let’s talk more about what these organizations provide to Tucson.

Today lets showcase two of Tucson’s nonprofits that Kallen Media is proud to support: the Tucson Girls Chorus and TRAK, a ranch that provides therapeutic animal interaction. These spotlights will tell you a little bit about these fantastic nonprofits and what we do to assists them.


Nonprofit Marketing


A widely known challenge facing nonprofit marketing is budgeting. But every dollar saved goes to a good cause in the nonprofit industry, so every penny matters. That’s why Kallen Media connects these nonprofits to Google Ad Grants. Google can provide nonprofits thousands of dollars in grants. Grant money can free them to pursue other projects because of maximized capital.



Beyond this, these companies also need standard content production and online marketing services that everyone needs. Kallen Media can provide all of these services if required. To learn more about how we can help your nonprofit, feel free to contact Kallen Media! Now learn some more about the nonprofits Kallen Media works with.


Tucson Spotlight: Tucson Ranch for Animals and Kids (TRAK)


TRAK stands for the Therapeutic Ranch for Animals and Kids. This ranch is a nonprofit program centered in Tucson with a focus on providing valuable life skills through animal interaction. At the ranch, programs offer a wealth of activities for community involvement. Including college internships, field trips, a summer camp, and even furry tales, an event where children read to animals! TRAK prides its self on having activities for all people!

One of the main focuses of TRAK is its animal-assisted life skills and therapeutics program or AALST. AALST helps teach life skills and mental health practices to all individuals. The AALST program is tailored to fit goals laid out with the TRAK team beforehand to provide the best results. These goals can include coping skills, active listening, social skills, and much more. If you want to learn more, check out the AALST page on the TRAK website.


Tucson spotlight: the Tucson Girls Chorus


The Tucson Girls Chorus is committed to helping young women become the confident leaders of tomorrow through their educational programs. TGC offers a range of applications from casual group singing sessions to live performances at chorus festivals! The chorus is also heavily focused on community outreach, so TGC goes where needed.

The Tucson Girls Chorus has programs to build choral singing groups by helping both teachers and students. The choruses engagement program focuses on working with schools to provide choral singing where otherwise it might not exist. By working with schools and teachers, TGC provides a fun service in a safe environment. But how does TGC make this happen?

TGC supports children by also supporting teachers of the arts. TGC delivers a chance for art education to continue to thrive in the Tucson community By offering free resources to teachers. The TGC also offers internships to local college students ensuring valuable educators from the community get a chance to give back while learning. For more information on the TGC, check out their website to get involved with Tucson Girls Chorus. So how does Kallen Media help?


Kallen Media and Tucson nonprofit marketing


Kallen media is proud to do company spotlights on TRAK and the Tucson Girls Chorus because they provide helpful and educational services to Tucson. Because we support their mission, Kallen media was happy to help both these nonprofits get access to google ad grants. Beyond this, we have been pleased to continue our work with both TRAK and the Tucson Girls Chorus by managing their google ad presence and continual support with campaign creation.



Kallen media loves Arizona and want to support the community. So Kallen Media helps the people who are trying to do good things! If you need help with nonprofit business marketing, Kallen Media would be happy to assist! Contact information can be found on our website for nonprofit digital marketing.

Building a Comedic Brand: Humor in Marketing

No-one wants to be humorless, and neither should a business! In the ever-growing landscape of the industry, can build a comedic brand, can help a company stand out? From brand outreach to internal communication, engaging content can improve every facet of a business’s identity. But is it right for you?


Too Soon: Is Comedic Branding Right For You?


While it may seem risky comedic dialogue can be a highly useful tool for communication. There was a time companies viewed comedic marketing as dangerous. They didn’t want to be unprofessional. In 2019 however, we had seen an eruption of huge brands using a humorous presence online to generate massively successful marketing campaigns.

This explosion of success for comedic brands in recent years has proven the value of comedy in marketing. Is your content feeling a little dry or informative? Humor can help dissolve the tension so information can get through to consumers. Humor can improve branded content, but it should be used selectively.



While humor is now widely recognized as a useful marketing tool, it should be used with discretion. While a doctor probably shouldn’t joke about your surgery, a joke about hospital food might help calm a patient down. Comedy is a useful marketing tool, but where and why is comedy effective?


A Time and a Place: Where Humor Works


The best place to inject humor into brands is crucial touchpoints. Just a few laughs can make your content unforgettable. Comedy is a valuable tool for gathering attention and creating lasting impacts on customers. Today companies have mere seconds to gain consumer’s attention, and a competitive edge makes the difference. Building a comedic brand can help bring a grounded presence to a company’s public image.

Because of humor’s ability to create a memorable experience, comedy is also a valuable tool for social media outreach. Relatable jokes can help a social media marketing campaign break the ice with consumers. Beyond awareness, having a reputation as a humorous brand can forge a lasting bond between a brand and its targeted niche. But humor isn’t only useful to companies externally.

A time-honored tradition for a company-wide event is the stand-up comedian host. And some traditions exist because they work. Humor can help dismantle borders between a company and its employees. These kinds of events help create a fun work environment that aides in a culturally impactful workspace. So you know where humor is effective, but how do companies capitalize on it?


How to Use Humor Effectively


Using comedy to send a message can be a tricky situation, but getting your message noticed is a topic we have covered before. Knowing your audience and what they like is essential. Does the target market respond to sarcasm? Maybe be edgier with your jokes. Are your competitors all making the same topical joke? You might want to change things up! Understanding the dialogue around you is essential to comedy. Once you know your message, it’s important to represent your audience.

In addition to understanding the brand’s message, jokes are more comfortable when made with multiple perspectives. Sometimes a company can be too close to the trees to see the forest and can miss the mark when making humorous content. By acquiring professional social media management or professional web designers with backgrounds in comedy, a brand can learn a robust comedic presence after establishing your identity as a comedic brand its essential to maintain and grow your niche.



Once you have built a comedic identity, consistency is vital. Maintaining your flow of humorous content is essential. Consistency allows you to build a reputation for humor, which can help attract and grow your target segments. This also provides more feedback, which in turn improves your strategies. Comedy’s reliance on an audience makes it the perfect branding tool. So how do you get started creating your brand a little bit more jovial?


Building Your Comedic Brand


Building your comedic brand can seem like a daunting task. Where do you start? Well, it’s important to follow your content marketing strategy. No matter what having a clear, consistent, and targeted message is essential. Without clear objectives, it will be impossible to make entertaining content that reflects your message well.

Essentially comedy is a proven tool to gain attention and improve information retention. In a world of high-speed internet, our businesses need to be using every competitive strategy they can find. By utilizing humor strategically throughout their communication, a brand can both expand and strengthen its market segment. But how do you know your jokes are landing?

Luckily for us, telling if your humorous communications are effective is easy! Are your posts being shared and liked? Good! You’re doing great. Measuring the effectiveness of these campaigns is as easy as following the data. For more information on how humor can fit into your online presence, contact Kallen Media LLC.

Free Google Ads Credits to Support Small Businesses

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, released information on their plans to respond to the ever-growing COVID crisis. This $800+ million plan targets health and government organizations, frontline pandemic workers, and SMBs (small businesses). Most valued for entrepreneurs and small business owners is the opportunity to receive free Google Ads credits.

Where is the Money Going?


Google plans to commit a total of $540 million to small businesses in the form of investment funds for financial institutions and Google Ads credits for SMBs.The rest, Google plans to give $250 million in ad grants to the World Health Organization and other government agencies to run public service announcements on protocol and relief funds, as well as other resources. 



In ad credits alone the $540 million to small businesses divides into $340M. with the rest to be distributed to financial institutions around the world to help provide small businesses with access to capital. 

Google Ads Credits are mostly a form of online currency used to run advertising campaigns through Google’s multitude of outlets. Credits are purchased and spent on advertising slots in places like YouTube and Google searches, etc. If you’d like to delve deeper into that subject, here’s a good start. Google’s plan to support SMBs with free credits will allow some smaller companies to be able to market themselves in a competitive advertising space that they may not otherwise have been able to afford. 


Why Are Ads Credits More Important Now?


These are challenging times for all of us. Currently, many people are unable to work or visit anyone in their lives. And while some of us can work from home, some can’t. For small businesses, it can be especially severe in the current climate to stay afloat. With everyone locked inside, it’s challenging to reach potential customers and drive them toward your products or services. Without the normal flow of business, it becomes more challenging to afford to run advertisements to enter your target market. What you need is an online marketing presence that stands out and gets your website traffic. That may seem like a daunting task to accomplish, but with help from a team that’s won thousands of business driving clicks for their clients, you can still see your business flourish regardless of the challenges we all face currently as business owners.


Google’s commitment to small businesses is especially important now because it can help SMBs thrive despite the current situation. Running advertisements for your company is crucial! Google’s opportunity for free advertising may be vital for the survival of your livelihood. 


Google Ads are one of the most effective ways to reach potential consumers in the digital age. Being a company with experience in running Google Ads accounts for our clients, the results tend to speak for themselves. Google runs advertisements on nearly every website. No doubt, you run into ads every single day when browsing the web. Now that everyone is home, online traffic is at an all-time high. Many of us are working from home, and our best form of regular communication is digital. Now more than ever is the right time to consider running an advertising campaign with Google Ads.


Getting Access to Ads Credits


Small and medium-sized businesses that have been active users of Google Ads since at least Jan 1, 2019, can get these credits. Google will credit eligible companies will be through their Ads account within the coming months that their credits have arrived. After that, these credits apply to any of Google’s advertising channels: (Search, Display, YouTube) in all campaign types. Additionally, businesses may utilize the loans at any time until the end of 2020.


It helps to have an experienced team on your side when planning an online advertising campaign, don’t go at it alone! Many companies have the knowledge and tools to manage your Google Ads account for you, allowing you to focus on the core of your business while knowing you’re taking advantage of the opportunities Google’s COVID relief fund is providing.


A Good Place To Start!


Online advertising, in the right way, takes experience and can be especially complicated. However, with assistance from Google, there’s no reason not to take advantage of free advertising space. If you haven’t run an online ad campaign recently or aren’t sure of the plan you’d like to make, now is the right time to get in contact with a team that can help design something that will work for you. At Kallen Media, our primary objective is to help your small business thrive in the online world, even within the touchy consumer market we’re in today. Together, we can create an online ad campaign that’s truly special. Free google ad credits can help your next campaign. Contact Us and let us help your business thrive!

7 New Adobe Product Integrations from Summit 2022

Adobe held its annual Summit online this year for free. The Summit is composed of experts in various Adobe integrations products and services. Welcome to Adobe’s digital world! One of the most exciting parts of these summits is the new project unveilings. This year Adobe announced seven new projects to the public. We’re going to breakdown these seven releases and their possible uses for our clients to integrate Adobe products.  Get in touch with our team for information on how to utilize Adobe products in your business.


Project Dually Noted


Project Dually Noted is an application that connects to the Adobe Reader.  The app enables planing within the Adobe studio And then plans can be visualized.  Visualized means while scanning a book, you can go through the book with your phone to see comments and edits.  


They are combining elements of digital and physical for a new project experience.  So now users do not have to tie themselves to transferring notes from physical to digital. The application picks apart specific sections of text that it recognizes from the Adobe project file. So users have complete project management through the Adobe Experience Cloud.


Project Snippets


Promoting dynamic content to your clients is the key to increasing conversion rates.  Creating groups or audiences can be both time consuming and tedious. When you want to promote content through Project Snippets, Adobe recommends both titles and content.  This feature is excellent when developing a specific deal or a fresh piece of content on your website.


Segmentation allows Adobe to automatically create audiences.  This combination, done through the Adobe Experience Manager with Sensei. Adobe makes sure that the content is relevant to both your target audience and related to your content.  If you do not like Adobe’s recommendations, there are several alternatives for both the image and headlines.


Project Segment Scout


Project Segment Scout is also going to focus on dynamic content.  Adobe gave the example of a 3D design studio for an automaker. Within the design studio, there were 3D renderings of the cars with a 360 degree with and customizable colors.  The application lived in the user’s web browser and can target specific segments.  


While the studio is excellent, Project Segment Scout also allows users to segment their client bases more easily.  The application focuses on finding data quickly without knowing its precise location within Adobe Experience Manager.  Now users will be able to work with data without being a data expert. The new search term locater is a bleeding-edge with a highly advanced search engine to find exact results for unique queries.


Project Clothes Swap


Project Clothes Swap is a digital application aimed explicitly at eCommerce clothing stores.  Frequently stores have difficulty properly displaying their products with different sized models.  Thus, this trend has lead to a significant amount of returns for online merchandise. This problem is what Project Clothes Swap aims to fix.


eCommerce Store

eCommerce Store


The digital application product clothes swap is composed of both a product and a model simulator.  This application links clothes with different models so consumers can see how different clothing will fit different body sizes.  The goal is to reduce the amount of poorly providing garments ordered online. All of the visualizations happen in real-time. Additional features are present like “complete the look.”.  This feature displays cross-selling options with other products instantly through Adobe integrations.


Project Ace Access


People with visual impairments comprise a significant part of the population.  Project Ace Access has a goal of making content more accessible for all subscribers.  This application ranks emails and gives them scores. The app flags potential issues like missing alternative text or poor color combinations.

Project Ace Access to give recommendations for content based on that data.  These recommendations include alternative text, color schemes, and images. To ensure your content is pristine for launch, Adobe has integrated a screen reader tester.


Project Bon Voyage


Customer journies are unique to companies. So segmenting customer journies and tracking successes is key to a campaign.  Project Bon Voyage creates a flow map breakdown of the customer journey linking with Adobe Sensei for data insights.  


Journies start through creating a goal for your campaign.  Once your campaign is running, you can change midway through the campaign.  This feature is critical to identifying key data points to engage in with your audience. An example of this would be finding a segment’s best time to read or send emails.  Changing paths through the campaign will allow you to use insights in real-time to create successful campaigns.


Project Gluestick


The final teaser of Adobe integrations released during its 2020 Summit was Project Gluestick.  Integrating systems across platforms is essential for companies to keep synced data.  And project Gluestick binds together Adobe project capabilities without writing any code. This platform allows you to create workflows over multiple Adobe products and services.


Adobe Integrations

Adobe Integrations


Adobe gave the example of uploading a picture to the Creative Cloud and creating a workflow to move it into Adobe Experience Manager.  As many know, this process can be extremely tedious with many steps involved. Gluestick has the goal of creating workflows that bind everything together.  This project means that you could go from uploading an image to having it ready on your website in a matter of minutes.

The preset setting is available for both tags and images.  But this feature uses dynamic content that helps create content for descriptions, images, and tags.  

I hope that you have enjoyed reading about the new Adobe products to come this year.  If you are interested in learning more, be sure to check out the Adobe Summit 2020 page.  Similarly, if you are interested in integrating these products please reach out to Kallen Media.  We are happy to help get Adobe integrations set up, so you can maximize your audience and marketing efforts.

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