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Optimizing Your Company for the Digital World

Easy and affordable website service for your digital business


Coding your website can cost thousands of dollars to be done correctly.  This means to have everything visibly appealing while working solidly on the backend. Kallen Media wants to help you avoid those unnecessary costs and give your company the website it deserves. Kallen Media utilizes WordPress to create visually appealing websites.

WordPress helps to avoid over-complicated sites and employs Divi building and various plugins to prevent the time-consuming coding that goes into website building. Divi Building allows the site owners to make their website their own with little to no knowledge of website building. Kallen Media takes advantage of this new technology to make website creation fast and painless.  At Kallen Media, our goal is to optimize your company for the digital world.


WordPress can make your website visually appealing


Kallen Media uses WordPress specifically because of how trouble-free the structure of the content organization system is. WordPress websites enable designs with many plugins that can be easily applied to your site to mold the exact theme you desire. What WordPress does is take the complex coding that goes into website building and packages it into software ready for virtually instant results. Kallen media then takes that software to mold a website to your liking. Your digital business website becomes optimized in no time with help from Kallen Media.


Having your customers aware of what you are selling, advertising, and saying


With the hardships we have been facing these past few weeks regarding COVID-19, having a website up and running can increase your revenue without risking your health. Kallen Media can help with setting that website up and creating blog posts that you may not have time to worry about. 

Switching from having your team in an office to being entirely online can be time-consuming and stressful. Kallen Media can relieve some of that stress by updating your valued customers. These updates include the status of the company, what your next steps are, and your future as a company.  Not to mention all of the products you are marketing to ensure you are optimizing your company for the digital world.


Money through business



Having blog posts is essential to any successful business. This reasoning is because they allow your customers as well as your business partners what is going on. Amongst all this craziness, many companies have gone dark, and their customers are unsure of what’s going on. That doesn’t have to be you, and should never be you. Kallen Media will create personal, informative posts that give information on what is going on with your small business. 

In three easy steps, you could have three blog posts going up in a week, keeping everyone up to date. The first is to brainstorm what exactly you want to say or not say. Second, is to start creating those posts and writing up what will be reported. Finally, Kallen Media can prepare blog posts up to a month in advance and schedule them according to your plans for the future. 


With this day and age, social media is a big step for your small business


Kallen media can advertise your small business on social media platforms to broaden your range of customers and catch more attention from potential clients. Having social media platforms can also allow for your digital marketing to be more accessible by linking your site to your various accounts and posts


Social media connected


Kallen Media works out a specific plan of how you want your company to appear on social media. You can decide how many posts a week there will be while managing to keep your message clear. Kallen media is not just a website design company. It is a company that wants to help your small business reach the success it deserves by offering individual services that are unique to your company. Many marketing and advertising companies do not provide the personalized service that Kallen media does. We create a customized plan for you based on your specific needs. 

Kallen Media can help your small business develop digitally through blogging, website design, and social media management. We personalize our customer services, so you are happy with how your new website displays your brand. Use the contact tab on our website to talk about your next steps.  We also offer free SEO audits and counseling sessions while optimizing your company for the digital world.

5 Tips from a Digital Marketer to Working from Home

Advice From a Digital Marketer Working From Home


Working from home is something that is becoming more popular among businesses.  Currently, we are amid the coronavirus, which has made more people around the world start working from home.  While this may seem significant, there are often many challenges that workers face when adjusting from the office to home life.  My position as a digital marketer has given me relevant insights on how to work from me successfully.


I have experience working both in busy office environments and from home.  My experience gives me a unique perspective on how to transition and balance the two.  As a digital marketer, all my work is entirely done online to begin with. Due to this situation, it makes transitioning between an office and at home very easy.  Other positions aren’t meant for online at all, so that creates the challenge for taking a new job online.


Businesses are forced to come up with guidelines and ways to set their workers up without being adequately prepared.  This reasoning is why I decided to create a guide to help make the transition from working in an office to at-home seamless. Here are my top 5 tips from a digital marketer successfully working from home.


1. Have a dedicated workspace


Create distance between your parts of the home and areas of business.  By creating separation, you allow yourself areas to both work and relax. Mixing the two can often lead to additional stress or poor work ethic due to the availability of everything within one’s home.


laptop on home office desk


Setting up a spare room as office space is a great way to create distance between personal and business.   Allow space for how you would like an office. Keeping a supply of pens, paper, and sticky notes can help make sure you have all the resources you need.


When I am working from home on digital marketing materials, I tend to work in the office.  This area is most free from distractions, and my roommates will know that I am working.  


2.  Set boundaries


Although you are now working within your home, that doesn’t mean that you need to be working all the time.  Set up a schedule that you can adhere to. Remember to incorporate breaks and time to eat. Being unrealistic is the easiest way to have your work and home life spill into each other.


Boundaries should not only stop with yourself.  If you live with other people, try to set ground rules.  Setting firm rules or guidelines helps establish a clear plan for how days should be oriented.  This is especially true in the case of whole households being cooped up together. If there is no respect within the household, it will make being productive much more difficult.


3. Be determined


Being determined is one of the essential parts of a successful work from the home strategy.  It is easy to get distracted or waste time when you are in your home. However, when offices first start the transition between work environments, its important to show results.  These results can vary drastically by the type of work you do.


If you display worse results while you are working at home than you did in an office, this will lead employers to think you are less active.  Oppositely, showing great initiative and diving into a project can reassure your managers that this is the correct decision. Specifically, during the time where the coronavirus has shifted so many businesses online, companies will primarily be looking at employee performance.  


4. Limit distractions


When you are sitting down to work, do just that. Work!


Limiting distractions can be difficult when you are within your home with countless things and people.  Making sure you are focused when you are working is the only way to can assure you are making progress. It is easy to procrastinate and push tasks off until later.  Hold yourself accountable for your actions and set daily goals.



Target with goals



These daily goals should be SMART goals.  SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time Based.  In short, these are goals that you will easily be able to track. Goals like “write a paper” would not suffice because this is vague.  Setting a goal like a write two pages or 800 words is more attainable and trackable. My common digital marketing goals when working from home include creating x amount of posts or writing a certain amount of words for a blog.


5. Take frequent breaks


The final tip that I want to give everyone is to take frequent breaks.  Stand up and stretch your legs. Go to the bathroom or refill your water.  Staring at a computer screen for too long can cause you to lose focus and become less productive.


I love to do various exercises every hour or two to keep my body energized.  This may come across as strange in an office setting, but it can be perfectly normal within your home!  It is essential to try and keep yourself motivated; otherwise, it is easy to feel overwhelmed.


During this hectic time, I hope that this article was able to give you a few tips from a digital marketer to make sure you can be successful while working from home.  If you have any questions about working from home, be sure to comment or reach out to us through a contact form!  We also have solutions to help get your company online if you feel unprepared.

WordPress Website Design: Your Business Your Way

WordPress initially launched in the year 2003. Since then, it has completely revolutionized the way businesses had an online presence. We have fast websites now – more rapid than our mind’s ability to decide what we want to see later.  The Introduction of WordPress allowed for web development to be more accessible than ever. WordPress website design has revolutionized web design, but what sets it apart?


Why WordPress?


WordPress has millions of in-house as well as independent designers worldwide that contribute to the database of its themes and plugins. But, all of it is done so that you could do the best to maintain your personal and professional profile on this vast – World Wide Web. It’s a tremendous achievement that WordPress powers nearly 35% of the world’s total websites.


City connected together digitally


WordPress also takes pride in announcing that it has become one of the most significant sources of income for independent professionals. Hundreds of WordPress web designers in Phoenix are offering services on freelance platforms.  Here they design your website’s theme and help you extend the functionality of your plugins.

It is user-friendly, has an attractive user interface, and doesn’t require technical knowledge of coding, programming and back-end management, etc. Plus, WordPress website designs are highly adaptable. The websites can cater to all your changing demands and requirements. Giant, multinational corporations like Sony use WordPress. Similarly, new bloggers also use WordPress. It is highly-compatible for beginners. More than anything else, the most significant appealing factor for WordPress is its dependable community support.


The WordPress Website Design


This platform offers great design options. The significant fact here is that a WordPress design doesn’t only comprise what one sees on a limited screen. The fonts, themes, palettes, plugins, etc. all constitute a masterpiece WordPress website design. You can alter combinations, and so, users can enjoy a wide variety of options depending upon their purpose. That’s the reason WordPress can power sales pages, personal blogs, poetry pages, eBooks. Also, it can help you showcase your skills and act as a virtual CV if you want to opt for a technical career. You can display your portfolio, previous work experiences, and whatnot on your very-own, WordPress website.  These websites have become a second home for many world-class professionals now – who prefer their WordPress website over their business premises.


Personal Profiles on WordPress



Personal pages to offer small-scale services. Often, writers who want to share their opinion for pleasure or offer delicious recipes or want to voice their ideas for a more significant social or philanthropic cause use WordPress on a personal level. It is their bridge with which they connect to the global community and become part of the broader perspective.


Business and Professional Profiles on WordPress


It’s great to learn that the world’s biggest businesses and most influential organizations have powered a chunk of 14% of their websites via WordPress. That’s not only because of the built-in features but because of more than 55000 plugins available on the WordPress directory. There are, however, more significant reasons why people prefer showcasing their professional skills, portfolios, home businesses to giant corporate services on WordPress.

Firstly, the websites on WordPress are SEO-friendly. These pages get a higher ranking on Google, and so, businesses have higher chances of attracting clients and customers on this platform. Plus, people love customizing their websites their way – their brand’s approach. It has a drag and drops menus for simplest to complicated stuff on WordPress. The site gets secured once it’s powered here, and domain, hosting, etc. do not cost an arm or length.


How can a WordPress Web Designer help you?


Though it’s easy to start a WordPress website – like, it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to sign up and do all the specific tasks. But, hiring a WordPress web designer in Phoenix can wondrously aid any new or established business in getting a fabulous online presence. Also, if you’re in Arizona, especially in Phoenix, then you can get a bunch of commercial services from the best WordPress web designers.


Kallen Media LLC full logo


Because your WordPress website is your ultimate store-front, it deserves the touch by an artist. These service providers have more comprehensive experience, diverse portfolio, year-round discounts, and highly dependable customer service. Most importantly, they don’t give you their time; they dedicate their efforts to see your masterpiece adding value to your new-born or older business.  You can get in touch with us directly at (773)524-1483 or email [email protected] for more information on creating your WordPress website.

ITRA 2022 Annual Conference Review

International Technology Rentals Overview


The International Technology Rental Association is the first client that I have ever had the pleasure of doing digital marketing.  My experience started by writing blog posts and managing social media. Fast forward five years to today, I am still managing social media, but now I also cover the live conference.  This job includes everything from taking videos and pictures to live streaming the event. I would highly recommend the annual ITRA conference for any company within the technology rental industry looking to grow their business.

February 12-14th was this year’s annual ITRA conference.  I had the pleasure of both attending the event, while also running the social media.  Today I wanted to take some time to go over what the ITRA conference covered and my own experience.  This event is the 4th annual conference I have attended, and the second that I have run social media accounts.  Running social media for the event means taking pictures, videos, and updating the channels about each speaker.

The conference started with myself flying into Las Vegas from Phoenix.  The short flight was easy, and within no time, I was at Bally’s hotel, where the conference was.  Wednesday was the setup day for the event, so a few members started trickling in. Once the setup was complete for the conference, it was time for the first happy hour of the conference.  Here there were various crab and shrimp offerings, with an assortment of multiple sliders. To top off a great night, all drinks at the bar were complimentary. A perfect end to a great setup day, now it was time to prepare for the event.

Day 1 Morning of Conference Presentations


ITRA 2020 welcome sign


Now it was onto the first official day of meetings!  The morning began with a great selection of breakfast options in our dining room.  Once everyone had their caffeine to kick start their days, it was time for the opening remarks presented by Bruce Johnson.  Bruce welcomed all the different companies from around the world and laid out the conference schedule. There were going to be many opportunities to network and connect while learning about products and services within the technology rental business.


IntelliEvent was the first sponsor presentation at the conference.  This software focuses on the event rental management on a cloud-based model.  For technology rental companies, this type of software is essential for adequately managing inventory and business practices.  The presentation ran through how businesses can use and optimize the software to fit their custom needs.


After a short break, it was time for Epson to present their projectors.  The presentation began with a brief history of projectors and the primary differences between different types.  This explanation helps breakdown the aspects of the product that affect quality the most. Epson presented a large variety of projectors ranging from low range to extreme high range.


Next, it was time for iMag to present their custom screens and software, goPremio.  Brian Gardner showed off iMag’s latest release of customizable screens for trade show booths.  These products are both available to rent and to purchase. You can take a look at what the technology looks like in the picture below!


goPremio screen


Day 1 Afternoon of Conference Presentations


Now it was time for the lunch break.  The first half of the day had flown by, with lots of great presentations.  Unfortunately, Viveka Von Rosen had to cancel her presentation, so the second half of the day had to be changed up.  Instead of a presentation on LinkedIn, there were going to be multiple ITRA members presenting.



I was excited to see my father, Dan Kallen, give a presentation on how the ITRA has helped him and Hartford Technology Rentals grow their business.  Throughout Dan’s time in the association, he has been on the board of directors and been president of the association. Within this period, Dan has been able to generate millions of dollars in revenue from member companies.  This point drove home how impactful the ITRA can be to growing technology rental companies.


During these presentations, I was also able to record video segments from our various speakers.  You can find these videos on the ITRA social media channels. The easiest way to access them would be checking out the ITRA Facebook page.


Once the presentations had finished from various ITRA members, it was time for Flex Solutions to present its customer relationship management software.  The presentation ran through workflows and typical customizations made by clients. By watching this presentation and IntelliEvent, it gave the industry a good grasp of the top technology rental CRMs.


Featured Presenter


The last presentation of the day was from Terry Lowe of PLSN Magazine and Timelessjobs.com.  Terry had a history of working in the copywriting business for over 20 years. He has started various magazines and publications.  Currently, Terry focuses on PLSN magazine that showcases the latest and greatest in event technology. The focus is primarily on AV and scenic equipment that is pushing the norms.  Similarly, Terry also launched the job site timelessjobs.com to focus on hiring seasoned professionals in their industry.


Cocktail Hour Round 2


After the final speaker finished, it was time for a brief break before the cocktail hour started.  This time is one of the most important of the events because it is prime for networking. One of the strongest appeals of joining the ITRA is the ability to get face-to-face time with both clients and competition.  Within the world of rentals, cross-renting is enormous. For some companies like Rentacomputer, it is their core business model. Utilizing the cocktail hours to meet with and create connections is essential for a great convention.


Day 2 Morning of Conference Presentations


For a conference in Las Vegas, I took it relatively easy.  This reasoning was mainly due to my responsibilities the next day and needed to be on point to capture all the action to post on social media.  I had gotten some great clips and pictures for day 1, so I was excited to wrap the event up today.


The day started with the general elections for who would be on the new board of directors.  Our returning board members were Bruce Johnson as President, San Malik as Vice President, and Lisa Fossler as Secretary.  Michael Hollmen of APG Rentals became the new Treasurer. For members at large, Burt Van Engelenburg was re-appointed.  The newly appointed members at large were Joel Martin and Randy Moore. Finally, John Beagle became the honorary chairman of the board.


ITRA Board of Directors

Day 2 Second Half of Conference Presentations


Once the board elections were finished, it was time to dive into the presentations for the day.  The first presentation was from Cube i. Cube i is an event software company that creates mobile applications and games specifically for conferences.  This software helps engages audiences and capture their information in a more effective way than most generic methods.


Barco was the final sponsor presentation of the day.  Barco is a projector company that is moving towards using laser projectors entirely.  This reasoning is due to the increased strength and overall picture quality. I was able to live-stream the entire presentation directly to the representative Jaz’s Facebook profile.  If you are interested, I would recommend sending us a message, and we will put you in touch!


Now it was finally time to conclude the conference.  The finale was the award for the ITRA “Deal of the Year” award.  This award was between Rentacomputer and Mac rentals. Then, as quickly as it started, the ITRA annual conference for 2020 at Bally’s in Las Vegas had concluded.


ITRA Deal of the Year Award


Personal Experience


I had a wonderful overall experience through different presentations and networking opportunities.  My new contacts extended over several different countries all around the world. I was also able to increase engagement with people within the ITRA.  I hope that by next year more members will be interacting with myself so I can help promote ITRA members to the best of my ability. For any prospective companies interested in the annual ITRA conference, GO!  It is a very affordable event that will end up paying for itself.

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