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Every time you search for your product, you see your competitors.  It doesn’t matter what you seem to do; you can’t seem to escape your ads.  Their product is middle tier, but they have a captivating advertising campaign that boosts their perceived reputation. This experience can be extremely frustrating when you may have a superior product, but your competition has an excellent marketing strategy.

Developing a strategy to target your specific niche can take lots of time and money.  Breaking down what is at the core of any successful campaign will allow you to structure future campaigns the same way.  Take a look at Kallen Media’s top 3 steps to getting your digital ad campaign noticed.

1. Targeting Correct Niche

The first step in creating a campaign is choosing who you are going to target.  In many cases, businesses will have the idea that “my product is for everyone.” While you might think this as a business owner, this is a poor way to run a campaign.  Campaigns need to have specific goals and need to target specific segments.

What does this mean exactly?  This practice means that instead of focusing on merely a male or female segment, you break down the data.  If you know your primary market is women who are over 50 years old who make over $100,000 a year who live in Florida, now you are in business.  This target market is an extremely niche market that you will be able to target with specific content. Aim the content explicitly at this audience using your knowledge to give them their ideal ad.

2. Research The Competition

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Researching is what is going to make sure your campaign is successful.  Odds are there are multiple other companies within your industry selling similar products or services.  While this may seem like a negative, you can turn it into an advantage. Since these companies have been running campaigns, there are tools you can use to check how they are doing!  The top two tools that Kallen Media LLC would recommend are Ahrefs and Google Search Console.

Ahrefs is a digital marketing tool designed to help create successful campaigns.  This tool is a paid service, so if you do not want to pay, you can use Google Search Console, which is free.  Both services provide similar value. They allow you to search competitors’ websites and check out what they are ranking.  Top ranking keywords, referring web pages, and their search rankings are all displayed. Through analyzing this data, you can save yourself both time and money.  Only strive to rank for your competition’s most thriving areas, or the areas they are lacking. This will ensure you are spending your marketing dollars in the smartest way possible.

3. Creating

Now that you have chosen your niche to target and researched the competition, it is time to start creating!  It is time to take all the information you have gathered about your game and put it to good use. When beginning to write your advertisements, it is best to outline your ad first. Describing your ad allows you to decide the focal and selling points to ensure you are successful.

Start by laying out an introduction and breaking down your paragraphs into loose sections.  Your plan will give you a road map for writing. Provide a mixture of research and creative viewpoints to engage and lure in your audience.  Giving offerings your personality combined with your business model should create a unique selling proposition (USP). These are the advertisements that see the most traction and end up being the most successful.  Now that you have included your essentially, you should be ready to post!

Kallen Media LLC recommends starting with small budgets and working your way up.  This way, you can test your different strategies to see what works best. If you see your campaigns not doing well, you can always stop them.  All the most popular online advertising platforms like Google and Facebook are self serve with no time commitments. We do recommend trying your campaigns for a month to give them enough time to collect valuable data. For any additional help and information on creating a digital marketing campaign, you can contact Kallen Media LLC.

Client Spotlight #1: Aria Technology Solutions

Aria Technology Solutions

Welcome to the first company spotlight!  Kallen Media LLC is proud to present Aria Technology Solutions LLC.  Aria Technology Solutions specializes in renting cutting edge technology to businesses around the world.  The technology can range from desktops to virtual reality consoles. Kallen Media LLC is proud to help create and support Aria’s online presence.  Let’s dive deeper into why you should choose Aria Technology Rentals for your next event rental.


Aria provides top tier support and assistance for both current and potential clients.  Therefore, customers who are interested in Aria’s wares can send in a contact form outlining what they are looking to rent.  Within 24 hours, a representative will be in contact while finalizing the deal while making sure that everything is in order.


Making sure your events run smoothly without any issues is crucial to any event.  Aria understands how important this is, which is why they provide state of the art support. Whether you need an on-site technician or help to learn how to set up the equipment, Aria has your back.  A dedicated team of support specialists will be available for contact during your event. If any problems arise, they will be dealt with smoothly and swiftly. You can find all the information to contact Aria Technology rentals here.


No matter if you are a small LLC or a considerable corporation, Aria has the stock for you.  From top-end gaming PCs to older generation iPads, the options are endless. This diversity allows clients to get the exact equipment they want, without having to settle for less.  The team at Aria dedicates themselves to finding business solutions to fit the individual needs of their clients. This customer service eliminates the need to rent different equipment from different companies.

Video Walls

video wall

Have you been on the search for technology to wow your clients?  Look no further because Aria Technology Rentals has a full inventory of video walls and tiles.  Regardless if you want a massive screen or smaller video panels, Aria has you covered. You can check out their offerings and request a quote for video walls here.  Need help with any of the logistics of the equipment you’ve ordered?  No problem! Aria will be able to walk you through, step by step, on how to set up your gear so your show can be a smashing success.

Kallen Media LLC is proud to be working with Aria Technology Solutions. Therefore, we strongly recommend any business to get in contact if you are looking to rent any technology equipment for your next conference or event.  If you are interested in learning more about how Kallen Media LLC can help grow your business, you can fill out our contact form, and someone will be in contact with you shortly.

How To Blog In 5 Easy Steps


blogging process

Have you ever done a Google search and wondered why the top results might be featured snippets?  That is because blogs are one of the top ways websites can have fresh content.  Writing on sites is the best way to give search engines and people a reason to keep coming back to your website.  With so many websites and blogs out there, you need to have quality content with quality takes to get noticed.

This crowded space leads to the question of what does it take to have your article stand out from the crowd?  There are a few essential takes that are surefire ways to help your chances. You need to sound unique while giving quality content and links.  Without enough content on your blog posts, there is no chance of ever being shared or featured in top search engine spots.

1. Pick a topic you’re interested in

The best way to get started writing is to choose an item that you are passionate about.  Typically this will be related to the kind of website that you run. The more similar your content and consistent the message, the higher you will be ranked within your specific section of Google.  For instance, a baker would not be competing for people searching for car parts and vice versa.

Choose something that you are both knowledgeable about and want to learn more.  The more inquisitive you are, the more attractive your blogs will turn out. A healthy balance of self and research will surely get you onto the right path of writing a high ranking SEO blog.

2. Get specific within that topic

Now you have decided what topic to talk about.  Time to get started, right? Well… Not quite.

blogging critical questions on laptop

If you want to see results and highly ranked blog articles, you are going to need to get specific.  Broad topics typically do not end up answering a single question. They may touch on specific points, but these articles are not as impressive as a particular piece.  By being specific, you can focus your points and keywords to a particular audience.  The narrower the audience, the better chance you have at advertising your content specifically to that niche.

3. Decide the structure of the article

Once you have decided on what your blog is going to be about, it is time to start mapping your outline.  Creating an overview will break up your blog into specific sections that make it easier for people and search engines to read.  The best way to start this is by structuring an introduction paragraph or two.

This will introduce the topic allowing you to make subheadings after that breaks down the remainder of the blog.  Many of the top blogs use listing mechanics for their articles using titles like “Best five recipes” or “7 great tips”. Utilizing this language peaks consumer’s interests and makes them more likely to click on your article.

4. Flesh out key points

You should now have your outline all put together!  This section is going to be the hardest part of any blog you write.  Once you have your structure and key points down, it is time to start blogging.  Filling out your bullet points should allow you to flow through your writing easier.

laptop with blog outline in it

Typically it is best to stay between 3-5 sentences within each paragraph.  Having multiple paragraphs within each subheading is excellent as long as you limit the sections to no more than 500 words.  Longer blog posts tend to do better within search engines because of the additional ideas and keywords within each post.

5. Add conclusion

Now that you have your content done.  It is time to tie together your blog post.  Adding a meaningful outcome is crucial to wrapping up ideas.  This is also the perfect opportunity for you to tell the reader the takeaways they should have from your article.  Engaging the reader at the end of the article is how you will stay relevant and gain recognition within your niche.

Optimizing Websites In Phoenix, Arizona

website templates

 Phoenix is a rapidly booming city with companies starting up across the valley.  Everything from web design companies and marketing agencies, to pastry chefs and call centers.  One of the most significant factors in making a great first impression is having a stellar website. It is no longer enough to have static web pages that have not been updated for years.  These websites do not grab the attention of either potential clients or search engines like Google and Bing.

Your website is your image.  Positive or negative, that image represents your business and can either help or hurt your reputation.  Technology companies are rapidly expanding to Phoenix, AZ, and they understand the value of their digital presence.  Often smaller businesses might be unaware or believe that they do not have a large enough budget to compete.

This is where Kallen Media comes in! Kallen Media is proud to call Phoenix, Arizona, home.  Our specialty is working with small businesses on projects that would cost thousands if working with an agency.  We can service companies around the world but strive to take extra effort to help local businesses.  Working with companies in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, and Tempe gives us a range of knowledge of how different companies and industries work within our community. Also we are one of the leading Arizona SEO specialists.

Now it is time to consider how you want to update your website.  Choosing whether you want a large web design company or freelancer is imperative to creating your budget. Kallen Media offers you a free consultation to break down how much the project will be, as well as the differences in capabilities.  If you are on the fence about your website, here is a list of 6 factors you may want to consider:

1. Outdated Web Design

html code

Odds are if you have not interacted with your website much, your design is probably obsolete and clunky.  Since Phoenix has such a fast-growing technology scene, this can be detrimental to search results. You do not want new companies coming in and taking your business simply because you do not have an updated website.

A great way to check this out is to look at your competitors’ websites.  Take a few minutes to pull up 3-5 of your competition’s websites. What do you see?

If you feel like your site looks significantly different and outdated, then it is time for a change.  On the other hand, if you see the other sites are not looking great, this is a perfect opportunity to win clients. By giving your business a newly designed website, you are sure to boost your search ranking and get ahead of your competition.

2. Broken Code

As a business, you should be proud to display your website.  Old websites often have their code break when it is not optimized.  Broken code is when parts of your site have updated but have not been updated for an extended period, making it invalid.  The best way to see this is by checking if you have any errors or broken pieces of the website. Keeping an updated site and changing the design every few years is critical when being found.

Broken code can also get complicated depending on what kind of website you have.  For most WordPress websites, it is probably worth it to redesign your website.  This decision often sounds more challenging than it is, and you can find all the help you need from Kallen Media, local to Phoenix, Arizona.

3. Outdated information

open old book

One of the critical ways that search engines rank businesses is by the consistency of data.  If you are not active online, then it is likely there is old information regarding your business on your website.  This could be anything from the wrong address to the wrong phone number. When it comes to making money, this could be a huge setback!  Having potential customers not able to contact you through your online presence means that you could be losing a large percentage of your traffic.

There are several services online that will scour the internet for information regarding your business. A great place to start would be BrightLocal who allows you to check this information for free on their trial.

4. Wrong Message

Over the years, businesses tend to develop into themselves.  For many companies, they have a different message from when they began years ago.  Your current message should be what your website provides. From the primary colors to pictures provided, the website should be updated and current.  Having outdated media can give the impression that you are not currently active since there is now new information.

5. User Experience

Provide a fresh user experience.  Think about the interfaces of all your favorite websites.  Odds are they are easy to navigate, and the message they are trying to convey is clear.  That is the same feeling you should be striving for with your website!

The best place to start would be choosing a layout or design that you want your website to follow.  There should be a flow to your general theme; each page should not read like a drastically different website.  By adding color and design details, you can turn the most boring sites into great sales tools.

6. Fresh Content

Keeping your website updated with fresh content is one of the primary aspects of SEO optimization. Producing new content regularly for your website is the best way to have your site stay relevant. One way to do this is by creating social media platforms as other channels for you to direct traffic to your website.  Fresh content on your website itself is best done through blog posts.

Blogs allow for your brand to relay messages to their audiences about topics they care about.  Topics of the blog can be anything related to your industry. Some of the best strategies for coming up with blog ideas are making bulleted lists or reviewing the top current trends in your industry.

Learn more about how SEO will help your business grow and bring you more customers and leads.


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